Turkey’s First Export with On-Site Customs Clearance from AFS Boru

15 February 2019 Issue: Year 2019

AFS realized the first export with on-site customs clearance in Turkey with its Authorized Incumbent capacity earned in the scope of regulations issued by the Ministry of Customs and Trade that completely reformed the system from the modus operandi of customs administrations to their image with a view to contribute to the export targets of Turkey and facilitate customs clearance procedures. At the AFS central factory, the customs clearance of the containers was completed and the products were shipped directly to the ship without any customs control. Noting that a limited number of companies are empowered in this regard in Turkey, Mr. Zeki Poyraz, Chairman of AFS, said: “On-site customs clearance application is a right we exercise within the framework of our ‘Authorized Incumbent’ capacity, which we earned in 2014. Exercising this right, we are able to ship all goods we want after customs clearance and sealing procedures in our premises to any border gate or port without being subject to customs check. In addition, since the ‘Authorized Incumbent’ is an international practice, goods are delivered to buyers with special status on arrival customs. We have successfully completed this practice, which we started to apply for the highway in 2016, for the first time in maritime. This will set an example for other exporters.”


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