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Standart Pompa Received NDK Manufacturer Approval Certificate

03 February 2021 Issue: Year 2021
Standart Pompa Received NDK Manufacturer Approval Certificate

Standart Pompa became one of the 5 local names between 49 companies that received NDK Manufacturer Approval Certificate.

Quality management systems must be at the highest level to achieve success in the ever-increasing global competition. Standart Pompa as the pioneer pump manufacturer in Turkey, ensures the highest levels of quality management systems.

Standart Pompa, which has been entitled to receive the American Petroleum Institute API 7K Monogram, which has been accepted as one of the most demanding standards in the world, in recent months, has now become one of the 5 local names between 49 companies that have received a Manufacturer Approval Certificate from the NDK Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

In order to receive API monograms specific to the product, it is necessary to meet the API Q1 requirements, the highest quality management system in the world, and 7K requirements, which include severe technical requirements. The necessary inspections are carried out in a very comprehensive manner. Standart Pompa has been awarded the API 7K monogram for the piston mud pump by meeting all these requirements.

For NDK Manufacturer Approval Certificate, manufacturers must have sustainable quality management systems beside high product reliability and quality. Standart Pompa, which continues to work in accordance with these requirements, has been audited successfully all processes such as human resources, supply management, design-engineering and planning, manufacturing, technical competence in manufacturing, laboratory, maintenance-repair safety culture, quality assurance and quality control, special processes (NDT, heat treatment, welding) etc.

Standart Pompa, which is the unique Turkish pump company with both NDK Manufacturer Approval Certificate and API certificate, is increasing its prestige and quality in domestic and foreign markets with its sustainable quality management systems.

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