Sectoral Strategy Workshop Discusses Turkish HVAC&R Sector’s Global Strategy

29 November 2021 Issue:

The HVAC&R Sectoral Strategy Workshop was held on 14-17 November 2021 in Antalya Cornelia Diamond Hotel.

The workshop is organized by Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (İSİB) and offers a platform for determining and adjusting the Turkish HVAC&R sector’s roadmap, discussions on sector’s strategy and economic developments, and evaluation of the notable administrative and commercial developments with the participation of member companies.

The workshop was hosted by Mehmet Şanal, İSİB President of Board of Directors, with participation of more than 200 sectoral stakeholders. The highlights of the workshop included discussions on the impact of future technologies on Turkish HVAC&R sector, the global communication strategies of Turkish HVAC&R sector, and the impacts of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism to be implemented by the European Union.

The workshop also featured speeches from economist and academic Murat Sağman on the developments in global markets and Turkish economy in 2022, and academic and writer Emrah Safa Gürkan on “Zeitgeist: Modernity and Changing Expectations”.  

The opening speech of the workshop was delivered by Mehmet Şanal, İSİB President of Board of Directors, who stated that the sector has surpassed the goals in 2021, which marks the 10th anniversary of İSİB’s foundation. Mr. Şanal also made the following remarks: “İSİB was established 10 years ago with 130 members, who decided to unify and act together in increasing the sector’s exports and enhancing our prestige abroad. Today, we have 2023 members, which export products to more than 200 countries, and account for an export volume of more than $5 billion, making it one of Turkey’s most important sectors. We have already surpassed our end-of-the-year targets as of October, and we foresee that we are going to close 2021 with an export volume of more than $6 billion. Additionally, we achieved an export/import coverage ratio of 96,1%, providing an impressive added value for our country.”

Mr. Şanal also briefed the participants about the Sectoral Strategy Workshop, underlining that the sector, with the help of all our stakeholders, is implementing a productive and effective sales and marketing strategy in global markets: “First of all, we foresee a growth in Turkey’s foreign trade volume in 2022. We organize and take part in fairs, trade delegation visits and purchasing delegation with the help of our exporters to increase our share in the global markets. Additionally, we increase our intellectual added value through initiatives such as İSİB’s Foreign Trade Intelliegence Center and Product Search Engine. We are currently working on a global communication strategy with the objective of transforming the limits of accessibility into a model of global inclusion. With the help of this strategy, we are seeking to enhance the prestige of our sector in the global markets and increase the material and brand value of our sectoral products. We are also paying very close attention to the potential impacts of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism to be implemented by the European Union. We are working together in making sure that our sector is ready for this process.”

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