23 January 2020 Thursday

Turkey's Dazzling Magnificent Project: Istanbul Airport


Istanbul Airport, built in the northern part of the European Side on a 76.5 million m2field, and 35 km from the city center, has the distinction of being the largest infrastructure investment projects carried out in a single item with an estimated investment cost of 10.25 billion Euros in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Airport has an architecture that reflects the rich social and cultural heritage of the global city of Istanbul. The terminal design of the airport, which has a unique design and embraces both modernity and functionality together, gains its inspiration from Istanbul's cultural heritage. In the terminal of the Istanbul Airport, the richness of the Istanbul mosques, baths, domes, and many other historical buildings will be processed to the architecture of the project. The air traffic control tower has been designed with inspiration from the tulip figure, which has a cultural significance in the Turkish - Islamic history and has become a symbol of Istanbul for centuries. The 90-meter-long tower was designed by the world's leading designers Pininfarina and AECOM, and was awarded the 2016 International Architecture Award.

The First Phase was completed in 42 months with the labor of 200 thousand workers

Istanbul Airport, which is planned to reach a capacity of 150 million passengers when completed, and is able to expand this capacity up to 200 million when all phases are finished, is aimed to be realized to be fully commissioned in four phases. The opening of the first phase of the Istanbul Airport was made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a glorious ceremony held on the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. The first phase of the Istanbul Airport, the largest scratch built airport in the world, was completed in a record time of 42 months. In the first phase that came into service, 1.4 million m2main terminal building, two runways, Air Traffic Control Tower and support buildings are present. Istanbul Airport, where approximately 200,000 workers labored since the day its foundations were laid, is expected to provide direct or indirect employment to 225,000 people in 2025. 

Istanbul Airport received nine awards before its inauguration

Istanbul Airport is quite different also with the greatness of the area reserved for the airport region. Istanbul Airport, which is about 3.5 times the size of the 23 million square meter Beijing Airport, which is the oldest owner of the world's largest airport list summit, will serve 200 million passengers annually when all its phases are completed and will offer flights to more than 300 destinations. Today, Atlanta Airport keeps the hold of the title of being the airport that serves the highest number of passengers, with 104 million passengers annually. 

Istanbul Airport, which has reached its maturity in the international arena with its nine awards without being opened yet, and will write its name in the history of civil aviation in gold letters, and has achieved many firsts, has a groundbreaking terminal, that super jumbo aircrafts such as the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747-8 can easily near, and will break a fresh ground in the world about passenger's experience. Istanbul Airport, where it is possible to take action with robots, artificial intelligence, face recognition or other personal information, is equipped with the latest technologies such as LTE, sensor and speaking 'objects' with smart system, wireless internet, wireless and next-generation GSM infrastructure for passengers' ease and comfort. The security of the airport will be provided by 3 thousand 500 security guards and the latest technology, 9 thousand cameras. Security will also be managed from the virtual tower within the terminal. Baggage waiting time at Istanbul Airport will also decrease. With a 42-km-long luggage system capable of handling 10 thousand 800 luggage per hour, collected baggage from 13 check-in islands will reach planes and passengers without wasting time. The most advanced system among the baggage systems at airports around the world will be the one in the Istanbul Airport. One of the most important priorities at Istanbul Airport is to make the passenger comfort and shopping experience perfect and to sustain the highest level of passenger experience. In this direction, more than 55 thousand m2of retail stores and more than 32 thousand m2of food and beverage areas, and more than 400 domestic and foreign brands will be gathered under one roof for the first time...

World's largest fuel supply system is at the Istanbul Airport

The Istanbul Airport fuel systems, which have the largest storage and hydrant systems in the world, successfully passed the audit conducted by IATA. Istanbul Airport has the largest storage and hydrant system in the world with a tank storage area of 300 thousand m3, approximately 105 km pipeline, 512 aircraft supply points and 73 supply vehicles. 

Domestic and national technologies will be used at Istanbul Airport 

IGA Airport Operations was established on October 7, 2013 in order to build Istanbul Airport and operate it for 25 years. IGA Informatics company, established by IGA, will provide all the technological infrastructure and IT services of Istanbul Airport. This service will be the greatest service in the field worldwide. IGA Informatics, which will be responsible for 5 main systems of the airport including infrastructure, security, aviation, business applications and software development of the airport with a team of 780 people, will use the national systems developed by local engineers.

In Istanbul Airport, which will contain many firsts technologically, domestic and national resources will be used for all infrastructure installation and supply. The applications such as fast transition systems, free internet, dynamic standby time notifications, intelligent parking systems, new generation loyalty management systems, lost property software, apron card application portal which are developed by the domestic engineers of IGA Informatics, and considered for the passengers to spend more quality time will begin to be used for the first time.

Istanbul Airport With Numbers 

Istanbul Airport will have 3 data centers, 102 integrated systems, 467 servers, 780 telecommunication rooms, 3257 card entrance points, 3267 flight information monitors, 4549 supported computers and 9000 security cameras. There will be 20 million GB of data field at the airport. It will have a port as much as 80 thousand network ports in an average city and the fiber cable length that is laid at the airport is equal to 1700 km between Istanbul and Berlin. In addition, 4500 km of copper cabling, as much as the distance between Istanbul and New Delhi, is one of the airport's features. 

When the size of Istanbul Airport is compared with the numbers, interesting informations are revealed. The terminal building of 1.4 million square meters corresponds to eight Ankara Esenboğa Airport while 80 Eiffel Tower can be built with 640 thousand tons of steel used at the airport. With 6 million 700 thousand cubic meters of concrete used for construction, 28 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge can be built. The roof of Istanbul Airport, which has a roof covering of 450 thousand square meters, can cover the roof of 64 football fields.