23 January 2020 Thursday

Alarko Carrier – MuCem Museum


Alarko Carrier makes a difference with the AquaForce series of new generation air conditioning system, which provides energy efficient and sustainable solutions in Marseille’s world famous European and Mediterranean Museum of Civilization project. With the new system; high efficiency, energy saving and security while at the same time the products are reduced in size and needed less space. MuCEM, which hosts conferences and many film premieres, and 2 AquaForce® 30XWHP high-efficiency water-sourced heat pumps, which provide heating and cooling in the 15.500 and 10.000 m² area of the Mediterranean Villa, which is used for modern art exhibitions. The project used the AquaForce 30XWV / 30XWHV cooling groups, which can produce both cold water (6/12 ° C) and hot water (40/45 ° C) using sea water, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are kept in the foreground.