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Viessmann Türkiye Manisa Production Base Celebrates 10th Anniversary

23 July 2023
Viessmann Türkiye Manisa Production Base Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The production base of Viessmann Türkiye, one of the leading companies in the air conditioning sector, established in Manisa celebrates its 10th anniversary. Viessmann Manisa production base has achieved a remarkable success graph in the industry with its quality products and customer satisfaction-oriented approach and has achieved many successes during the ten years since its establishment.

Founded in 1917, Viessmann, a family-owned company, has been committed to obtaining heat in a comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly way and making it available in line with the needs for four generations. Viessmann started its activities in Türkiye in 1994 with 100% German capital. Viessmann serves every corner of Türkiye with its wide product range and advanced distribution network and offers solutions for all living spaces.

As a result of the successful performance of Viessmann Türkiye in parallel with the developing potential of Türkiye, it was decided to establish a production base in Turkey in 2013. Manisa, which was chosen as the most suitable city for investment in Europe, was preferred for this production base. Viessmann Manisa Production Base is located in Manisa Organised Industrial Zone on a total area of 36,566 m2 (15,161 m2 closed area and 21,405 m2 open area), certified as a green building, with 178 employees, two assembly lines and 200,000 condensing and non-condensing boilers per year. Viessmann, which has been selected as a Great Place to Work for five years in a row, is also a talent base for young generations.

On 13th of July, at the gala night held at the Edward Pavilion in Bornova, Izmir. Nurten Peker, General Manager of Viessmann Manisa, said: "Over the past 10 years, we, as Viessmann Manisa, have overcome many challenges and have risen to a leading position in the sector. We have increased our production capacity, diversified our product portfolio and constantly focused on providing innovative solutions. We owe our success we have achieved during this time to our customers, employees and business partners. In the period ahead, we will continue to add value to them and to society as always. This anniversary is not only a celebration for us, but also an opportunity to recognise our achievements and continue to move forward. We would like to thank all our stakeholders for their support. We are confident that we will achieve even greater success together in the future."

Continuing his words, Peker said, "As Viessmann, we have taken care to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. We have achieved this by giving importance to customer feedback, continuously improving our products and ensuring timely delivery. We aimed to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering flexible solutions for their needs. As Viessmann, we aimed not only to offer quality products, but also to leave a better world to future generations by carrying out an environmentally friendly production process. In our production base, heating and cooling is completely independent of fossil fuels by using renewable energy systems such as heat pumps, thermal solar energy and photovoltaic systems. We set an example to the sector by making green production in Viessmann global standards. While our sustainability principle allows us to continuously make improvements in environmental issues such as energy efficiency and waste management, we also show our responsibility towards society and the environment."

For more than 100 years, Viessmann, one of the important players in the sector, is a brand that develops products and services that make a difference and offers them to its consumers. Acting with the aim of designing living spaces for future generations, Viessmann always carries the awareness and responsibility of leaving a more livable world and produces its products accordingly. Viessmann not only offers high efficiency and environmentally friendly products to its customers, but also provides all kinds of technical consultancy and service with these products.


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