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VENCO Support After Sales Services during COVID-19 Pandemic Process

28 December 2020
VENCO Support After Sales Services during COVID-19 Pandemic Process

VENCO Support After Sales Staff drew attention to after-sales services during the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that their priority is the health of their customers, business partners and employees.

VENCO Support After Sales Staff said, “The health of our valuable clients, business partners and employees is first rank priority of VENCO Support After Sales Staff. VENCO Support After Sales Staff has been dealing with VENCO Products, that must be intervened upon the client request, by protective equipment since COVID-19 Pandemic Process started. The importance of ventilating the inside environment with 100% fresh air is emphasized by VENCO Support After Sales Staff to our clients in line with the content for battling with the epidemic and our principle for always guiding our customers correctly. It is crucial to change the filters of Heat Recovery Units periodically with minimum contact especially in this Pandemic Process.
The distance among people as far as possible must be protected in this epidemic. Thus, the trainings for using VENCO Products properly, the information about the commissioning, failure detection and repair, periodical maintenance instructions have been given by VENCO Support After Sales Staff to VENCO Products Users in the domestic and international markets through telephone calls and video talk. As a result, the distances between our employees and clients never impacted the ability of our experienced Support After Sales Staff for solving the problems of our valuable clients efficiently.
The technical troubles of the users of VENCO Products, whose maintenance must be conducted periodically for successful operation the products,  are solved quickly during the operation of VENCO Products by experienced and sympathetic VENCO Support After Sales Staff that always prioritizes client satisfaction. Correct and complete briefing after sales to our clients, recording and following-up of technical service and user requests and also customer feedbacks in our system are our other priorities.”

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