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Türkiye Ranked Second in the World in Contracting with 42 Companies

26 February 2023 Issue: Year 2023
Türkiye Ranked Second in the World in Contracting with 42 Companies

The 2022 results of the "World's 250 Largest International Contractors List", published annually by ENR (Engineering News Record), the globally referenced construction industry magazine, based on the revenues of contractors from their activities outside their countries in the previous year, have been announced. After a one-year break, Türkiye has risen to the second place in the list with 42 companies.

The Turkish Contractors Association (TCA) announced the results of the "World's 250 Largest International Contractors List" for 2022 in Türkiye. Accordingly, ENR, in its bulletin containing the list, noted that the size of the global construction market, which it stated has become increasingly complex following the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, decreased from USD 420 billion to USD 398 billion in 2021.

Turkish companies increase turnover as market shrinks

In the "List of the World's 250 Largest International Contractors", China was the leader with 79 companies, while the number of US companies was 41. While the global market contracted, the increase in the revenues of Turkish contractors also stood out. It was noteworthy that in 2021, when vaccination in the Covid-19 pandemic became widespread and rising oil prices came to the fore, Türkiye increased its performance and took back the second place in the list, which it left to the USA last year.

2 Turkish companies among the top 50

With revenues of USD 20.4 billion, Turkish companies increased their share in the total revenues of the companies on the list to 5.1% from 4.4% in the previous year. Thus, Türkiye moved up one place to 7th in the 2022 list based on international revenues. With this figure, Türkiye is ahead of the UK, Austria and Japan. According to the international project revenues of contracting companies in 2021, the number of Turkish contractors among the top 100 companies in the list of 2022 was 8. Two Turkish companies found a place among the top 50 companies.

Regionally, Turkish companies' activities in 2021 were mainly concentrated in Europe including Russia (USD 8.8 billion), the Middle East (USD 5.6 billion), Africa (USD 3 billion) and Asia (USD 2.5 billion).

"Turkish contractors succeeded in the global market"

TMB President M. Erdal Eren made the following assessments "Despite the increasing problems in the international market, our contractors succeeded despite the difficulties and, as promised, brought our country's name back to the second place in the league of global giants. We are proud that 42 of our companies have been included in the ENR list for 2022. 'Turkish contracting' has become a brand in the world. Our contractors stand out in the international construction industry with their ability to perform work at international standards, on time and at affordable costs, their work experience in difficult and risky geographies, and their ability to develop cooperation. It is also important to achieve this success at a time when problems persist in our traditional markets and our need for financing increases. The increase in our share of the global construction market is also pleasing."





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Here are the Projects that Ranked Türkiye Second in the World

Some of the international projects that led the first 10 Turkish companies to be included in the list of the "World's 250 Largest International Contractors", which is referenced worldwide, to this success are listed as follows:

1. RÖNESANS: Maintaining its leading position in the Turkish list this year and ranked 24th in the world list, RÖNESANS' most prominent projects to date include the Gotthard Base Tunnel in the Swiss Alps, the world's "longest and deepest" railway tunnel. Since 2015, the company has maintained its position among the top 10 largest contracting companies in Europe.

2. LİMAK: Limak ranked second in the Türkiye list, as it was last year. The Kuwait International Airport New Terminal Building undertaken by Limak, which ranks 50th in the world ranking this year, draws attention. It is stated that the project has the largest contract value won by Turkish contracting companies. With the commissioning of the new terminal, the airport capacity is planned to reach 25 million passengers per year.

3. YAPI MERKEZİ: Ranked 58th in the list, YAPI Merkezi's Dar es Salaam - Isaka Railway Line project in Tanzania stands out. The company is building the first four stages of the fastest railroad in East Africa that will connect Dar es Salaam to Mwanza. The first two phases of the 1,224 km line are about to be completed. The project will open East Africa to the Indian Ocean as part of a central corridor linking Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

4. ENKA: ENKA, ranked 59th in ENR's world list, signed a consortium agreement with General Electric to realize the Samawa Combined Cycle Power Plant project in Iraq. The plant, which was completed and commissioned in the first phase as a simple cycle power plant including 132 kV open switchyard (AIS) and 400 kV gas insulated switchyard (GIS) despite the pandemic conditions, is said to be a significant solution to the power shortage problem in the region. With the financing of the Iraqi government, the plant will be converted into a combined cycle power plant.

5. ANT YAPI: Ranked 62nd on the ENR list, ANT YAPI's UNA Residences in Miami, USA, features an iconic ship-shaped design and views of Biscayne Bay. The project consists of 135 luxury condominiums with floor-to-ceiling glass, expansive terraces and a range of amenities including three pools and private boat slips, and is the only building in South Miami with three levels of underground parking next to the ocean.

6. TEKFEN: Ranked 76th on the ENR list, TEKFEN's latest project is the Kharampur Gas Pipeline Project in Western Siberia. The project involves the construction of a 48-inch, 90 km long pipeline, 7 block valve stations and a high voltage line to feed Gazprom pipelines from the Kharampur Gas Field in Gubkinsky, Yamal province. The unusual aspects of the project are the temperatures that drop to -50 degrees Celsius and the ground, which is mostly swampy when the weather warms up a bit.

7. ONUR YAPI: The most prominent project of the company, which has risen to 82nd place in the list, is the Zaporizhia Bridge, a 20-year dream of Ukraine, which has attracted the attention of the whole world... The project has the title of the second largest inclined suspension steel bridge in Europe with a tower height of 150 meters. The first stage of the bridge, which is planned to cross over the Dnieper River and whose construction was started but not completed by other contractors before, was delivered by Onur  Yapi in a short time. The 2.4 km stage 1 was completed in December 2020 and the 3.8 km stage 2 was completed and opened to traffic in January 2022. Due to the war, the project has not yet been fully completed.

8. ESTA: One of the prominent projects of ESTA, which has rapidly risen to 93rd place on the list, is the Amur Gas Chemical Complex (Amur GCC) Project. The complex, which will produce high quality polyethylene and polypropylene, which are in great demand in the global market, will have a capacity of 2.7 million mtpa per year. It is assumed that the plant, of which the company has undertaken a significant part of the construction, will be one of the most productive in Russia and one of the world's largest enterprises for the production of base polymers.

9. ALARKO: Ranking as high as 108th in the ENR list, Alarko's first subway project abroad is the Bucharest Henri Coanda (Metro) Project. The M6 Metro Lot 1.1 Project in the Romanian capital consists of a 6.3 km double tube TBM metro tunnel, 6 stations and 1 connection station. The Bucharest Southern Ring Road Lot-1 and Lot-2 projects are 2x2 lanes and approximately 34 km long... The project will significantly ease the burden on the Bucharest road network.

10. TAV: Ranked 110th in the list, TAV started its operations at Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan, one of the most important centers of the Silk Road, with a fast start in 2022. With the expansion works to be carried out at the airport of Almaty city, the new international terminal building is targeted to reach 55 thousand square meters and an annual passenger capacity of 6 million. The company ranks among the top in the world in the airport construction sector.

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