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Turkish HVAC-R Industry Increases Its Efficiency in Azerbaijan

27 October 2022
Turkish HVAC-R Industry Increases Its Efficiency in Azerbaijan

HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB) made a national participation organization in the Aquatherm Baku Exhibition, which was held in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, on October 19-21.

12 ISIB member companies participated in Aquatherm Baku, which is the largest HVAC-R exhibition in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, within the scope of the national participation organization. In the exhibition attended by 279 companies from 17 countries, products for Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Installation systems were exhibited.

Assoc. Dr. Cahit Bağcı, Baku Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, and Levent Aydın, Member of the Board of Directors, on behalf of ISIB participated in the exhibition and held meetings with ISIB officials and company representatives. Also, Yakup Sefer, Murat Yaman, and Ahmet Erdal, Baku Commercial Counsellors of the Republic of Turkey, visited the exhibition and got information from our participating companies and ISIB officials.

ISIB officials also held a meeting with Hikmet Mammadov, the Vice President of KOBIYA, which is an institution for working on the development and financing of SMEs in Azerbaijan.

Levent Aydın, a Member of the ISIB Board, by expressing that brother country Azerbaijan is the most important partner of Turkey both historically and geographically and said: “Azerbaijan imports over about 800 million dollars from this industry. As Turkey, we provide 13 percent of this import. Our historical heritage and positive perspective on Turkey are our most important advantage for the growth of trade. 12 companies participated in the exhibition and held more than 250 business meetings within the scope of ISIB’s national participation organization. We are confident that our existing exports will increase with the meetings held by our companies and cooperations initiated by our companies within the scope of the exhibition. As ISIB, we are proud to support our exporters in every field from marketing to communication.”

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