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Turkish HVAC&R Sector Develops its Network and Exports in the UK 

26 March 2021
Turkish HVAC&R Sector Develops its Network and Exports in the UK 

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (İSİB) has recently completed a digital trade delegation visit to the UK in the wake of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Turkey and the UK. 361 business meeting were held as part of the event. 

40 companies from Turkey and 66 companies from England and Scotland attended the event. The British companies were mostly based in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow. The meetings provided a fertile ground for discussions on how to improve and enhance the commercial ties between the countries. 

The Digital Trade Delegation officially started with an informative meeting on 8 March 2021.  İsmail Gülle, Head of Turkish Exporters Assembly; Tarık Sönmez, Republic of Turkey Chief Trade Counsellor in London; Mehmet Şanal, Head of Board of Directors of İSİB; Cem Savcı, Member of İSİB Board of Supervisors and Head of the Digital Trade Delegation; and representatives from the companies attended the event. B2B meetings were held from March 9 to March 15. After the B2B meetings, compensatory meetings were held.

Turkish companies held a total of 361 business meetings with 66 companies which are resident in the UK. The meetings were held on Zoom, and the participants included representatives from export, construction, and contracting companies in the HVAC sector.

Speaking on the occasion, Cem Savcı, Member of İSİB Board of Supervisors and Head of the Digital Trade Delegation underlined that this was yet the biggest digital trade delegation visit organized by İSİB. Mr. Savcı made the following remarks: “Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Assocation’s exports to the UK in the first two months exceeded USD 67 million, marking a 36,4% increase from the same period in previous year. As in other sectors, following the FTA signed between the UK and Turkey, there has been an increased interest in the United Kingdom market from the Turkish HVAC&R Industry. Thanks to this great interest, we have increased the limit of the number of participants and as many as 40 companies attended the event. The program was very intense and was largely promoted through social media and other digital channels in the United Kingdom. Despite the disadvantageous position of the UK due to full lockdown, we were able to complete 66% of our meeting requests. In a country like the UK, where quality standards and level of institutionalization is very high, the event created a good opportunity for promotion of Turkish HVAC&R products, which very well satisfy the international standards, to our counterparts who have not heard of our products before. Member companies who have attended the event established contacts that will pave the way for exports in the future. 

“I would like to highlight once again that these bilateral meetings are the first milestones in our companies’ journey into the UK market. The real success can only be obtained through further efforts on the basis of these initial contacts. As a matter of fact, to take our exports one step further and continuous presence in the market are among the biggest objectives of İSİB. We will continue to support our exporters in their journey to access and settle in new markets”

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