16 July 2019 Tuesday

Turkish Air Conditioning Sector exports grew by 15 % in 2018


Turkish Air Conditioning industry closed 2018 with exports of 4.5 billion dollars. The sector, which exports 3.9 billion dollars in 2017, reached the highest level of exports in its history. In 2018, exports to developed markets such as Germany, England, Italy, Romania and France, the sector experienced an increase in export markets in both quantity and unit prices and in dollars. Last year, exports increased by 7.7 percent as the amount of the sector, value of 15 percent of the increase in exports provided. In other words, products with higher value added were exported at higher prices.

With a wide range of products covering heating, ventilation, cooling and insulation products, the sector realized its exports in 2018 with a maximum of US $ 571 million in "boilers and components", while it was using US $ 553 million in "refrigerated cabinets deep freezers", US $ 504 million in "Valves", US $ 455 million in "radiators and fittings", US $ 447 million in "plastic pipes and fittings", US $ 553 million "Pumps and parts" with 305 million dollars and "fans-Air Curtains-ventilators-aspirators and parts" with 277 million dollars.

Mehmet Sanal, Chairman of the Board of ISIB (Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association) , pointed out that the sector has made significant moves in exports in recent years and emphasized that the sector has developed on the basis of both market and product range and turnover and quantity. In 2018, they grew by 15 percent compared to the year 2017, they were satisfied with the point that they said Sanal, “in addition to the increase in exports, we managed to be a sector that reduced imports. As we focus on producing products with high added value, we will be a sector that will provide competitive advantage in the foreign markets as well as importing less products. Our sector has the potential and the ability to achieve this” he said. In the year 2019, ISIB ihas an intensive performance expectations, many international trade fair and trade delegation visits will be expressed. Sanal said that in 2019, they aim to export more than 5 billion dollars announced.

New website in the New Year

On the other hand, ISIB, who entered the New Year with a new website in line with the needs of the sector, developed its website with the aim of providing the best service to its members with developing export markets, increasing number of members and expanding service range. www.isib.gov.tr the site, which can be visited from the address of sector members in order to guide export activities and export promotion activities to take place, support for exports, Country reports, sectoral fair and events, news and announcements were included.