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The Choice of International Marine Pojects: Standart Pompa

28 December 2020
The Choice of International Marine Pojects: Standart Pompa

Standart Pompa, which continuously makes moves with the goal of being an engineering power that produces solutions worldwide, continues to grow with its solutions in the marine field. Standart Pompa, which offers products to the defense industry and civil maritime, collaborates with Bronswerk Marine, one of the world's leading companies in its field.

Bronswerk Marine, founded in 1947, is among the leading international organizations in marine HVAC and cooling systems. Standart Pompa, which produces “horizontal rigidly-coupled, volute casing, single stage, end suction, special voltage (115V 60Hz) ECO SNM pumps” for Bronswerk's use in its projects, thus introduces its quality to the seas of the world.

Standart Pompa, which was established in 1957, continues to work as a reliable solution partner with its products in every sector from shipping to petro-chemistry, mining to iron and steel industry.

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