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Systemair Türkiye Exports Life Cycle Analysis Technology to 52 Countries

24 November 2022
Systemair Türkiye Exports Life Cycle Analysis Technology to 52 Countries

Systemair participated in the Nordic Talks event held at the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul, with the title Pioneering Green Transition in Türkiye/A Pioneering Partner in Green Transformation of Türkiye. At the event, where potential collaborations between Türkiye and Sweden in the field of green transformation were evaluated, Systemair's works contributing to green transformation in Türkiye were shared.

Contribution to Green Transformation in Türkiye under the Leadership of Sweden

Sharing her views on the event, Systemair Türkiye General Manager Ayça Eroğlu emphasized that Sweden, which has a long history in terms of sustainability performance, leads the global green transformation and gave the following information: “At this point, we care about the work to be done under the leadership of Sweden and we want to continue to be in cooperation. We are also proud that the project we developed at the A Pioneering Partner in  Green Transformation of Türkiye event, hosted by the Swedish Consulate General in Istanbul and the Swedish Trade and Investment Attaché, was among the exemplary projects. I would like to give brief information about our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) project, which was presented as a case study at the event. Thanks to our project, we determine the impact of our products throughout their lifecycle using the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) method. Thus, we can take more sustainable steps by analyzing the environmental impact levels of products. Thanks to our project, we can determine which of the stages, such as operation, logistics and raw material supply, causes the most environmental impact. Moreover, this study provides data to support eco-design in improving production processes, enabling more environmentally friendly solutions in transformation processes. Thanks to the acquired LCA calculation competence, we added the emission values ​​of more than 40 raw materials and components to the database. The most valuable aspect of the LCA project for us is that, as Systemair Türkiye, we export this engineering to 52 countries where Systemair operates. In this sense, we believe that our work will both bring a different perspective to our industry and strengthen  strategic role of Türkiye in exports”.

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