Sustainability will Make Its Mark on ISK-SODEX 2023

14 September 2023 Issue:

ISK-SODEX, which brings together representatives of the air conditioning sector from all over the world under one roof every year and makes a significant contribution to the growth momentum of the sector with the collaborations it prepares the ground for, will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between October 25-28, 2023 this year. In the fair, which will attract great interest from sector representatives from Türkiye and the world, participating companies will highlight their environmentally friendly, energy-recovering and highly efficient sustainable products on an area of 120 thousand square meters.

ISK - SODEX International HVAC&R, Insulation, Pump, Valve, Installation, Water Treatment, Fire, Pool and Solar Energy Systems Fair, which has been organized for 26 years with its expert exhibitors and visitors from all over the world and is one of the most powerful fairs of the air conditioning sector, hosts leading brands and makes a significant contribution to the trade volume of the air conditioning sector with the collaborations realized after each fair. This year, the fair will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center between October 25-28, with 25 sectoral forums and panels taking place over four days and 90,000 professional visitors expected to visit the fair. Preparing to host 500 VIP purchasing professionals from 80 countries, ISK - SODEX Fair aims to host more than 1,000 companies. In this year's organization of the fair, which hosts innovations in the air conditioning sector every year, low-cost, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient rooftop air conditioners, precision-controlled air conditioners for data centers, control panels and sensors, ventilation systems and heat pumps, as well as hygienic heating and cooling systems will be exhibited.

Sustainability will be at the forefront

In the 2023 organization of ISK-SODEX, which has made a significant contribution to Türkiye's export volume by reaching more and more manufacturers and industry professionals every day since it was first organized in 1997, participating companies will present their energy efficient solutions to the visitors at the fair. Today, representatives of the air conditioning sector, which strives to produce solutions to meet the demands of businesses, residences and institutions for both economical and hygienic heating and cooling systems, will present the systems that offer maximum efficiency by optimizing energy consumption in buildings, the devices they produce to reduce CO2 emissions of buildings, ventilation units that quickly perform smoke and heat evacuation, to sector professionals, while also negotiating new business agreements.

High energy efficient solutions

The solutions developed by the representatives of the air conditioning sector, which transfers a significant proportion of their turnover to R&D studies every year, not only for today, but also for the future in line with developing technologies and demands will take their place at the fair. Providing services in line with the needs of shopping malls, hospitals, business centers, sports halls, industrial facilities, hotels and other businesses in the tourism sector, representatives of the air conditioning sector will update relations with existing customers from different countries of the world at ISK-SODEX, while focusing on developing new customer relations. At the fair, which makes a significant contribution to the growth of Türkiye's air conditioning sector and achieving successful export figures, exhibitors will attract the attention of visitors with products such as rooftop air conditioners, precision controlled air conditioners for data centers, inrow air conditioners, chillers, cold storage devices, variable flow air system (VAV) controllers and motors, fire and smoke damper motors, compact 1 and 2 Nm damper motors, inverter pump systems and a new generation differential pressure sensor that makes it easier to measure differential pressure in water lines. ISK-SODEX, which is eagerly awaited by exhibitors and visitors with its hosting of innovations; heat pump devices that can produce hot water up to 80℃, frequency-controlled water source heat pumps, home and commercial type heat recovery devices, air-to-water heat pumps that save up to 40 percent energy, cooling devices with tropical air temperatures, passenger bridge air conditioners and new technology devices will also be at the forefront.



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