16 July 2019 Tuesday

Support from Alarko Carrier for Energy Efficiency in Pakistan


Alarko-Carrier participated in the conference and exhibition of renewable energy and energy efficiency held for the third time in Lahore, Pakistan. Alarko Carrier, who hosted visitors from all Asian countries, took part in the Fair as an honorary speaker. Organized by REAP (Renewable & Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan), Alarko Carrier water pressurization systems manager Emin Cüneyt Bulca presented submersible pump to industry professionals at the conference on renewable energies and energy efficiency organized at the fair. Bulca informed participants about the long-term use of submersible pumps used in solar power systems in conjunction with VFD (Variable frequency driver). Bulca shared with the participants in detail the technical features of the preferred Alarko submersible pumps throughout the country and the need to be aware of the use of solar panels. The presentation was repeated in Islamabad, the capital of the country in line with the demands of the sector professionals on pump life and energy efficiency.