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Sports Halls in Romania Have Imbat Signature for 4 Years

16 December 2021
Sports Halls in Romania Have Imbat Signature for 4 Years

İmbat Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems provides air-conditioning for multi-purpose sports halls in Romania within the scope of its cooperation with its Romanian partner for four years. Imbat Rooftop air conditioners are used to provide suitable weather conditions in many gymnasiums built in more than 10 different cities in 4 years, together with the enterprise of which it is a partner.

Imbat rooftop air conditioners with standard features are preferred in multi-purpose sports halls located in many cities across Romania such as Mures, Dolj, Suceava, Giurgiu, Arges, Hunedoara, Bistrita, Timis, Ilfov, Olt, Iasi, Cluj.

İmbat rooftop air conditioner features

İmbat Rood Type Air-Conditionersİmbat rooftop air conditioners can be controlled with software specially developed for their design, can be connected to building management systems with a special control system, remote set values can be monitored and adjusted. Compressors age equally according to variable cooling loads, providing maximum energy savings. The devices, which are produced as double-walled as standard, can operate with 100% fresh air and operate in the most efficient working conditions with maximum energy savings with EC plug fan, asymmetric compressor, microprocessor control. The blowing directions, which can be specially designed according to the project and location needs, can be selected from the bottom, the forehead, the top or the bottom.

50% of exports to the European market
Imbat, which started the production of rooftop air conditioners for the first time 21 years ago and has the first Eurovent certificate in Turkey and the 7th in the world in 2015, exports rooftop air conditioners with its other products to more than 50 countries, especially European countries. İmbat, which is one of the few Turkish air-conditioning companies that can sell products to Europe, the field of its world giant competitors; It exports half of its products, which are produced with 100% domestic design, to important countries such as Germany, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Russia, England and Switzerland.

İmbat Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems continues to provide quality service to projects with its partners with after-sales organizations in 25 different countries, including Romania.

30 years of experience and trust
İmbat, which has been designing innovative products for the air conditioning needs of the sector for 30 years, works and produces for a more livable environment with better technologies, with its investment in R&D studies. Having one of the 12 active R&D centers of the sector, İmbat continues to provide benefits to projects both in Turkey and in the world, with its 30 years of experience and the trust it offers to its customers, as one of the important players of the sector, in a market where imported brands are highly active and predominant.

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