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Residences built by TOKİ in Bursa features the signature of Duyar Pompa.

08 July 2024
Residences built by TOKİ in Bursa features the signature of Duyar Pompa.

Fire safety at TOKİ's (Housing Development Administration of the Republic of Türkiye) Bursa residences is managed by Duyar Pompa. With 65 years of experience, Duyar Pompa is a prominent company in the industry and serves as a solution partner with its fire pump set.

Fire safety systems offer the chance to prevent life-threatening fire disasters. To effectively manage fires, it is crucial for extinguishing systems to operate swiftly and effectively. The key to efficiency and energy conservation in pumps lies in selecting the right one based on the project's requirements.

Fire Pump Set

In the project, a fire pump set was used to comply with NFPA 20 standards. This set includes a 55 kW electric motor, consisting of one main pump, one spare pump, and one jockey pump to prevent leaks during installation. Additionally, an expansion tank is included in the set. The project also involves the DWWP Series Waste Water Pump.

The DNP 80-250 horizontal end suction fire pump used in the fire pump set at the TOKİ Bursa project complies with NFPA 20 standards. This pump is designed to have low energy consumption because of its high efficiency. It features a detachable body construction for easy assembly and disassembly, as well as stainless sheaths for anti-corrosion protection.

The fire pump system equipment includes a relief valve, pressure gauge, expansion tank, air release valve, check valve, jockey pump, pressure switch, and pressure regulator.

The Most Suitable Solution Systems

Duyar Pompa specializes in providing solutions for building technologies, industrial plants, energy, and gas production facilities. They manufacture pump systems that are highly efficient and consume less energy.

With Duyar Pompa technology and careful pump selection, the most appropriate system is established. This results in high efficiency and energy savings. By utilizing energy efficiently, the pumps provide a user-friendly experience with extended lifespan and quiet operation.

Duyar Pompa specializes in fire extinguishing systems and provides solutions by manufacturing highly efficient fire pumps that meet international standards such as NFPA 20, TSE, and CE. Moreover, the company offers extensive after-sales support, ensuring users benefit from affordable installation and operating expenses.

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