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QMET Started Production with Its Expertise in Heat Meters

21 October 2023 Issue: Year 2023
QMET Started Production with Its Expertise in Heat Meters

QMET Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. started the production of QMET Ultrameter+ Hybrid Heat Meters in its Tuzla campus. is preparing to introduce devices bearing the "Made in Türkiye" stamp to world markets. Under the management of QMET, built on twenty years of experience in the field of heat devices; Sibel Taşdemiroğlu, who is well known in the industry with her successful management background, and her son Ergun Veysel Taşdemiroğlu, who has undertaken many innovative R&D projects.

QMET set out to offer high quality products to the market at affordable prices.

QLAB Thermal Devices Accredited Laboratory, established in 2018, has two test lines with very high qualifications. While heat meter testing, inspection and service services continue, QMET was established in 2021 on the "know how" developed by QLAB, which strengthened its experience in heat meters. The company started selling heat meters, whose quality was found to be appropriate after being tested in QLAB, under the QMET brand, and developed its technical infrastructure for production in this process. In order to offer high quality products to the market at more affordable prices, QMET continues its path with its manufacturer identity. Thus, the QMET brand will take its place in the world markets as a strong and competitive heat meter with the "Made in Türkiye" stamp.

The greatest assurance of QMET production quality is QLAB

In the production of QMET heat meters, all components are checked one by one. At this point, the QLAB infrastructure was expanded with new investments of significant scale. Because the company has a production strategy of quality that will be in demand for world markets.

Devices are set up and verified in QLAB. After verification, it is reported and the device is brought to a salable point.

In order to certify the suitability of the device, the entire testing and measurement infrastructure must work flawlessly. For this reason, all QLAB test and measurement equipment is subjected to periodic calibration. QLAB, which has inspected and verified more than a hundred thousand meters over a six-year period, is the laboratory with the best infrastructure in Türkiye.

Hybrid QMET Ultrameter+ can be used in both heating and cooling

The most important feature of QMET's Ultrameter+ heat meters, which received the certificate required to start production from the Slovak Institute SLM and completed MID B and MID D modules, is that they are hybrid. In other words, it can be used for both heating and cooling. 24 readings per day can be taken with the QMET heat meter model, developed in accordance with the RS485 standard for the UK market. Additionally, when powered by a power source, it is possible to receive instant data every 5-10 seconds. By adding this data to the control algorithm, perfect control can be achieved. With these meters, very low flows can be measured with high precision.

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