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Provent is on its way to becoming a world brand

29 April 2021
Provent is on its way to becoming a world brand

Provent, which started its activities in 2007 by producing air conditioning and ventilation systems in Istanbul, is now a company with distributorships in approximately 12 countries with its R&D studies and investments. Provent, which also established its own test laboratory as of November 2020, started to ship all the devices it produced after testing it in-house. “Provent is the company with the widest product range of the sector in the position of a domestic manufacturer. Our main feature that distinguishes us from many companies is that we manufacture the components in all our devices by ourselves, with the necessary certificates, ”said Provent Marmara Regional & Foreign Sales Marketing Manager Okan İşcan, and we talked about Provent and its goals.

Could you introduce Provent? When and where was the company established? Could you give information about your company structure?

In its adventure, which started by producing air conditioning and ventilation systems in Istanbul in 2007, Provent was mostly working on high performance products at the first stage. Thanks to the R & D and investments it has made, the manufacturing process has started with a strong staff after design and market research. This process continued with heat recovery systems and air handling unit manufacturing. In 2012, we established our new factory in the Organized Industrial Zone in the Tavsanli district of Kütahya, on a land of approximately 20 thousand square meters, with 16 thousand square meters of indoor space. With this process, we continued in our new factory by constantly expanding our range.

Our main feature that distinguishes us from many companies is that almost all components used in the device are produced in-house. In addition, electronic cards, software and automation systems of all the devices we manufacture are manufactured entirely within our own structure. Atmospheric natural gas burners used in natural gas appliances are also among our own productions. In addition, we have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates and TSEK, CE, EUROVENT, GOST certificates as product quality certificates. We also have a GAZMER registration certificate.

We continue our sales and marketing activities with our sales and marketing teams located in Kütahya center, Istanbul, Ankara and Adana regions. The devices produced by our factory are used in many prestigious projects at home and abroad. We are a brand that has proven itself in the public sector and private projects in the country.

Could you give information about your product groups? Will you have new products and systems?

Provent is the company with the widest product range of the sector in the position of a domestic manufacturer. We have a wide range of production ranging from chillers to air handling units, from rooftop to pool dehumidification units, from jet fans and axial fans to air appliances. We have a product range that can price any air conditioning product that may be needed in a project. This creates a serious difference between our competitors. In addition, we carry out many processes from design to R&D within our own structure. Our biggest feature that separates us from our competitors; It is the fact that we manufacture the components in all our devices by ourselves, with the necessary certificates. While many of our competitors in the market are assembling components manufactured domestically or abroad, our production of all these components provides advantages for both us and our business partners. In addition, we produce user-friendly devices with the automation used in the devices, our own design and the cards we produce, and the systems we produce. In addition, this year, along with the new investments we have made, we will apply for Eurovent for our air handling units.

Could you give information about your export and R&D studies?

We are currently a company with distributorships in approximately 12 countries. Abroad, we export to 46 countries, especially to countries such as Germany, Belgium, Holland, Macedonia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Qatar, Northern Cyprus, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Pakistan. 22 of these countries are comprised of countries to which we export regularly. Our main focus is on the Gulf Region. Last year, we started exporting to Qatar, Kuwait and Oman, where there is a lot of competition. We got a distributorship in Qatar. We are planning to start our activities in the African Region, which we consider to be quite active in the upcoming period. However, preserving the customer portfolio we have and acquiring new customers from neighboring regions is always among our first priorities.

Quality is very important to us. R&D is also very important in order not to compromise on quality and to increase quality standards regularly. As Provent, we established our own test laboratory as of November 2020. After testing all the devices we produce in-house, we have become able to ship them. After dispatching the device, we test all our devices in order to prevent any errors that may occur in the field, operate them in the laboratory for at least 24 hours, fix them there if there is any problem, and then ship them. In this way, we have prevented any problems to be experienced in the field. It is very important for us to maintain our brand perception and the positive image we create. We have always been sensitive about this, and we will continue to behave.

We follow technology very closely and we make it more innovative by making regular updates on our products. This allows our business partners to always access the latest and most up-to-date technology. By producing user-friendly devices, we produce smart devices that can keep up with current technology. We provide the opportunity to intervene in our devices by making a remote connection with the special software we have made. In this way, we gain more comfortable and users' trust as after-sales services.

Could you tell us about the reference projects you took part in with your products?

It is possible to see the Provent brand in many government or private sector projects in Turkey. Together with Kiptaş, Toki, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we are proud to be the approved brand of many local municipalities. The air conditioning of the new logistics center of Reysaş Logistics, the biggest project of recent times, was realized with 12 pieces of 400 kW Rooftop device with atmospheric burner with a total capacity of 4800 kW. In addition, Kartal Propa Vista and IMM Pendik Multi-Storey Car Park are our projects that we completed at the beginning of 2021. In addition, we have signed our signature as Provent in many projects abroad.

Can you tell us about your market share / goals?

First of all, there is a Provent that has proven itself in the domestic market in terms of brand and quality and is on its way to becoming a world brand. With our rooftop device, which is our locomotive product, which is defined as a package type air conditioner, we have made many innovations and have become competing with the leading imported brands of the sector. However, with our competitive prices and wide product range, we are able to meet all kinds of needs in many projects. In addition to the Eurovent certificate in our existing rooftop units, we have the goal of increasing our market share in many different dimensions with the completion of the Eurovent certificate, which is missing in our air handling units and other devices, before the first half of this year.

Of course, our sales targets for 2021 are the place of exports. As we have stated, we wish to increase our export target by preserving our existing customer network in our customer portfolio and adding new regions every day.

As a company operating in the HVAC sector, how do you evaluate the development of the sector in Turkey?

When we look in general, we see that the growth in the air conditioning sector continues steadily every year on the basis of data. Parallel to this, as Provent, we are proud to be in this growth. During the pandemic process, we once again saw that the products produced by the air conditioning sector are a basic need for everyone. For this reason, issues such as "ventilation quality and hygiene need", which came to the fore during the COVID-19 epidemic we are in, once again demonstrated the importance of our industry. We think that this process will be possible by managing this process correctly and approaching all companies in the sector at an equal distance in order to increase the number of products with the Made in Turkey logo all over the world. During this process, we would like to state that we, as Provent, will always give our support as much as we can in order to advance the sector.




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