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On June 26, 2024 , professionals from the Turkish sector gathered at an event organized by Sosiad to mark World Refrigeration Day.

01 July 2024
On June 26, 2024 , professionals from the Turkish sector gathered at an event organized by Sosiad to mark World Refrigeration Day.

World RefrigerationDay gathered the Turkish air conditioning and refrigeration sector on June 26th, as it does annually. The event, hosted by Sosiad at CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel, commenced with an opening speech by Sosiad Chairman Türkay Yıldırım.

The event's moderator was Dr. Kadir Isa, an Honorary Member of Sosiad. Dr. Isa introduced a unique element to the globally organized World Refrigeration Day event by presenting a song he created using artificial intelligence technology, aligning with this year's #TemperatureMatters theme. He mentioned that the song, developed with ChatGPT and Suno AI, was shared with international professional organizations in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector, as well as the World Refrigeration Day secretariat. Additionally, the song was posted on the social media platforms of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIFIIR). Following his remarks, Dr. Isa proceeded to introduce the first speaker, Dijan Balkaroğlu, the Advocacy Coordinator of TEMA Foundation. 

After mentioning that the song was also shared on the social media platforms of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIFIIR), Dijan Balkaroğlu, the Advocacy Coordinator of TEMA Foundation, introduced the first speaker, Dijan Balkaroğlu. She began her speech by summarizing the international agreements and treaties established following the detection of ozone depletion in the late 1970s. Balkaroğlu highlighted the differences between the targets of limiting temperature rise to 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius by 2030 and discussed the concept of Climate Justice. Balkaroğlu also addressed Turkey's National Contribution Declaration, which increased the carbon emission reduction target from 21% to 41% by 2030 in alignment with the Paris Agreement and the Kigali Amendment that Turkey has ratified. She emphasized that if other nations adopt Turkey's emission reduction target, global temperature rise could reach 4°C. Concluding her speech, Dijan Balkaroğlu shared the words of Hayrettin Karaca, the founder of TEMA Foundation: "For those wondering what they can do, I offer the following response: If you are informed, you will be engaged, and if you are engaged, you will take action."

2024 Dünya Soğutma Günü Sosiad Etkinliği

In her speech titled "Regulation on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases," Sezin Sönmez Erbaş, a Climate Change Expert at the Climate Change Directorate of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, mentioned that a new draft regulation on F-Gases is currently being developed by revising the previous version from 2022. Erbaş provided details about the upcoming legislation, focusing on Certification of Technical Services and Personnel, Restrictions on Market Placement and Usage, Mandatory Labeling Information, as well as Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, and Reclamation (RRR) Facilities.

TSE Anatolian Side Energy, Materials, and Calibration Laboratory Manager Utku Durmaz mentioned that the laboratory, led by a manager and eight technical staff, consists of a Heat Department, Electrical Department, and Air Conditioning-Ventilation Department. In these departments, various tests are conducted, including Boiler, Combi Boiler, Radiator, Air Conditioner, and Thermostatic Valve Tests, as well as Humidity, Temperature, and Salt Resistance Tests. Durmaz also discussed the distinctions between the Calorimetric Chamber Test System and the Enthalpy Chamber Test System (Psychrometric Method), highlighting their differences. Additionally, he expressed the laboratory's interest in setting up an experimental arrangement for devices that burn 100% hydrogen.

In his speech titled "Circular Economy in Industrial Refrigeration, Waste Heat Recovery," Hayati Can, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and former Chairman of Sosiad, highlighted the importance of designing systems based on field conditions. He emphasized the critical role of choosing suitable materials for the devices used. Hayati Can also stressed the significance of considering long-lasting design, maintenance, repair, spare parts supply, reuse, and remanufacturing processes collectively. Regarding waste heat utilization, he suggested prioritizing areas within facilities where waste heat is generated. He also mentioned the necessity of establishing legal frameworks for waste heat utilization. Hayati Can shared an example of a situation after an earthquake where stoves were sent for heating, but a significant waste heat plant like Iskenderun Iron and Steel was present in the region. He proposed harnessing the heat from such plants to address the heating and hot water needs of the entire area effectively.

Dr. Meral Gündüz, an expert in sustainability and foreign trade, emphasized in her speech "Financing the Green Transformation in the Refrigeration Industry" that Climate Change poses a threat to sustainable living. She highlighted the importance of incorporating sustainability into all actions and provided insights into the key elements of innovation, digitalization, and financing within the Low Carbon Economy and Circular Economy frameworks.

After summarizing the work of Sosiad Commissions, Hayati Can and Türkay Yıldırım expressed their gratitude to Hüseyin Bulgurcu and Hasan Acül for their contributions in preparing Sosiad's publications on towers, dry coolers, and the current climate-temperature values of our cities and their districts. Following the presentation of certificates of appreciation to the speakers and event sponsors, including Aref Sogutma, Cantaş Kimya, Çetinel Sogutma, Danfoss, Frigoterm, Friterm, Tura Sogutma, and Yıldırım Sogutma representatives, the event concluded with a cocktail reception on the terrace of CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel.

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