Limak Investment Received the UNDP Equality Seal Certificate of Achievement

03 November 2022 Issue:

Limak Investment, which is part of the Limak Group of Companies, has completed all relevant processes of the Global Program on Gender Equality in the Business World by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and received the UNDP Equality Seal Certificate of Achievement. Thus, Limak Investment became the first and only company to receive a certificate of achievement by completing this program, not only in Turkey, but also in the region covered by the UNDP Europe and Central Asia Regional Office.

The UNDP Gender Equality in Business Program works with businesses to strengthen equality of opportunity by reducing gender inequalities and promoting gender equality in corporate practices. Within the scope of the program, global standards on equality are applied to corporate policies and business processes of companies using objective indicators. After the needs in the relevant areas are determined, an action plan is prepared and implemented in line with the identified needs, through continuous monitoring and evaluation in order to measure the development in these areas.

After applying to the program in 2019, Limak Investment was audited in terms of seven main requirements: Corporate profile and performance, recruitment, selection and placement, professional development and performance, remuneration, prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment in the workplace, shared responsibility and work-life balance. and inclusive communication. In parallel, a gender-sensitive institutional assessment was carried out to identify existing gaps in the issue. In line with the results of these evaluations, improvement measures were planned and implemented with inclusive methods. After three years of hard work, Limak Investment was re-audited by UNDP in 2022 and was awarded the Golden Category Award with a score of 96.52 out of 100.
Within the scope of the program, Limak implemented the Equality Management System and established an Equality Committee in order to implement the equal opportunity perspective and standardize all policies, procedures and systems with a vision of equality, diversity and inclusion. Following the principle of "Equal Pay for Equal Work", encouraging women's access to decision-making positions and empowering women were put into practice. In addition, gains such as annual monitoring and reporting of increases in the rate of women in recruitment and promotion, expanding training and career opportunities, developing practices sensitive to work-life balance, and a zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment and gender-based violence were achieved.
Limak Group of Companies Chairman of the Board of Directors Ebru Özdemir stated that she is happy and proud to lead the development of a valuable model that will set an example for the business world at the press meeting held on November 2, 2022.

Ebru Özdemir said, "Thanks to this program offered by UNDP on a global scale, we made great efforts to complete the Equality Seal Program within Limak Investment. We formed an Equality Committee with the participation of male and female employees from all departments, and in-house trainings, employee surveys, individual and focus We developed our action plan by conducting group meetings. We successfully implemented this action plan and were entitled to receive a certificate of success with a high score of 96.52 percent. Our next step will be to spread this program to other companies within the Group, starting with the Limak Tourism Group. We want to set an example for the private sector both in Turkey and in the wider region." said.

UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Louisa Vinton said, "Gender equality in the workplace can never be realized without the participation of the private sector." "We know that ensuring equality in the workplace creates not only better opportunities for women, but also better results for institutions. We are pleased to see that Limak Investment sets a good example for corporate transformation, and considering the benefits it has achieved, more companies We hope she will join the UNDP Global Program for Business for Gender Equality."

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