İSİB’s ISK-SODEX Purchase Delegation Program Hosts Close to 300 Companies from 53 Countries

22 October 2021 Issue:

The Purchase Delegation Program organized by İSİB as part of the 15th ISK Sodex Istanbul Fair attracted close to 300 foreign businesspeople from 53 countries. The representatives of Turkish HVAC&R companies and the foreign businesspeople held meeting for three days with a focus on commercialization of products and establishing relations towards exports. The opening ceremony of the Purchase Delegation Program took place on September 28th, Tuesday, with the participation of Mr. Mehmet Şanal, President of İSİB Board of Directors, and other members of İSİB Board of Directors and Supervisors. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Mehmet Şanal, President of İSİB Board of Directors, stated that the Turkish HVAC&R sector is taking sound steps towards significantly accelerating and increasing its exports. Mr. Şanal also made the following remarks: “Our sector and the associated subsectors break new records in exports in every month in 2021. Our sector has achieved a 40% increase in September 2021, when the impacts of the pandemic are still felt, compared to the same month in the previous year. We have exceeded the threshold of USD 4 billion. We project that we will not only achieve our target of reaching exports worth USD 5.5 billion, but we will also come close to the threshold of USD 6 billion by the end of 2021. We also remain focused in our overall objective to end our country’s foreign dependence. To this end, we have achieved an export/import coverage ratio of 97%.” Mr. Şanal also stated that the HVAC&R sector is making critical contributions in the face of challenges the world is facing, most notably the climate change, by producing energy efficient products that protect the environment and the people. As a responsible sector, Mr. Şanal said, the HVAC&R sector is working for the benefit of the entire world. Underlining that ISK SODEX İstanbul has been the largest international fair held during the pandemic, Mr. Şanal closed his remarks as follows: “As Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association, we continue the Purchase Delegation programs as we did in previous years. In 2019, 143 foreign participants from 43 countries attended the Purchase Delegation Program. This year, despite the pandemic, we are hosting close to 300 representatives from 53 countries. I believe that the B2B meetings to be held by the HVAC&R companies will prove successful and support our efforts in further increasing our exports.”


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