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ISIB Gives Air Conditioning Seminar in Azerbaijan

24 December 2021
ISIB Gives Air Conditioning Seminar in Azerbaijan

The global business partner of the Turkish air conditioning industry, Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (ISIB), held the first leg of a seminar on air conditioning for engineers and professionals from important contracting companies in sister country Azerbaijan.

In the seminar held on December 20, 2021 with the participation of ISIB Chairman of the Board Mehmet Şanal, Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers (TTMD) professional experts shared information on many subjects from mechanical systems to energy efficiency, from changes in HVAC systems according to their usage areas to selection types. ISIB and TTMD team also visited Baku State Lahiye Institute and important contractor companies located in Azerbaijan within the scope of the program.

Stating that as ISIB, they held the first leg of this important seminar abroad in our sister country Azerbaijan, ISIB Chairman of the Board Mehmet Şanal said: “As the Turkish air conditioning industry, we are working on both digital and conventional communication channels to increase professional intellectuality in Turkey. With this important seminar, the first of which we held abroad in Azerbaijan, we also ensured that our stakeholders abroad were informed on many issues, especially on air conditioning trends in the world, system architecture, and green technologies. I believe that for all our stakeholders in Azerbaijan, the information they receive from this seminar will add new visions to the projects they will work on. However, we will reach large masses by repeating similar seminars in nearby geographies in the coming months. We think that our world needs the air conditioning sector more than yesterday. We will do our best to change the atmosphere of the whole world.”

In the seminar, which was held at the Fairmont Hotel under the title of "How to choose a system when starting a new building project", with the participation of more than 100 professionals and engineers, speeches were made on the following topics:

  • The Importance of Mechanical Systems in Healthy Building Design and System Design Suggestions (Speaker: Filiz Pehlivan)
  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Industrial Buildings (Speaker: Hamit Mutlu)
  • HVAC System Selection Criteria with Examples of Shopping Centers and Airport Terminal Buildings, Examples of Hydronic Applications (Speaker: Meriç Sapçı)
  • Principles of Selection of Cooling Centers in Buildings (Speaker: Oktay Güven)
  • HVAC System Selection Principles in Hospitals (Speaker: Hakan Ercan)
  • Mechanical Installation Design in Buildings with High Energy Performance (Speaker: Bahri Türkmen)

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