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İSİB Brings Turkish Production Power to the World in Air Conditioning

13 June 2024
İSİB Brings Turkish Production Power to the World in Air Conditioning

The Turkish HVAC&R Exporters' Association (İSİB) is actively working to enhance the reputation of the Turkish HVAC&R sector globally. They participate in international events to bring value to the industry. Recently, İSİB organized national participation in the Erbil Build Expo Fair, Egypt HVAC-R Expo-Ashrae Cairo Fair, and ARBS 2024 Fair in Australia. These events provided a platform for İSİB to engage with global air conditioning industry representatives, leading to significant discussions on potential strategic collaborations.

The ISIB, the only association representing Turkish HVAC&R exporters, is dedicated to enhancing the sector's export capabilities continuously. By arranging national participation events at key international fairs like the Erbil Build Expo in the Middle East, Egypt HVAC-R Expo-Ashrae Cairo Fair, and the ARBS 2024 Fair in Sydney, Australia, ISIB has facilitated valuable networking opportunities for Turkish air conditioning industry exporters with global industry leaders.

Important discussions took place to establish new trade relations between Iraq and Turkey.

Eight companies from Türkiye took part in the national participation organized by İSİB at the Erbil Build Expo, the largest construction fair in the Middle East. The expo was visited by 20,000 people, with 408 exhibitors present. The event proved to be successful for the sector, facilitating important connections for new commercial relationships between the two countries. The national participation within the fair brought together companies from various regions, along with high-level buyers, government institutions, and state organizations. This created a significant platform for exploring diverse business opportunities and staying updated on sector innovations. On the first day of the fair, Erman Topçu, Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye in Erbil, and Kemal Bahadır, Commercial Attaché of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye, visited the İSİB booth and booths of the Turkish companies, providing insights on the Iraqi market and trade relations. The meetings highlighted how the national participation initiative facilitates productive cooperation and commercial growth by enhancing connections between exhibitors and buyers.

Increasing economic cooperation in the Egyptian market was evaluated

Egypt HVAC-R Expo-Ashrae Cairo Fair, the only HVAC-R industry event in Egypt, was attended by 16 companies from Türkiye. Zeki Poyraz, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors representing İSİB, took part in the fair, which brought together Egyptian companies and sector representatives from Turkey. Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker Al-Marqaby and Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Ahmed Samir opened the fair, which was attended by 273 exhibitors in total. On the same day, Hakan Atay, Commercial Counselor of the Turkish Ministry of Trade in Cairo, visited the exhibitors and gave information about the Egyptian market and trade relations. Stating that the fair constituted an important platform for the air conditioning sector in Egypt, İSİB Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Zeki Poyraz said; "Egypt, which imports 58.4 billion dollars in all product groups, imported 2.5 billion dollars in 2023 in the field of air conditioning sector. Although its imports decreased by 11 percent compared to the previous year, Türkiye's share in Egypt's sector imports, which was 5.3 percent in 2022, became 5.8 percent in 2023. The relations between the two countries and the economic cooperation that has increased in scope with the development of the Egyptian economy also show its effect in the field of air conditioning sector. We, as İSİB, will continue to work to increase this economic potential in the field of air conditioning with the organizations we carry out."

Meetings were conducted to enhance how Turkish brands are perceived in the Australian market.

İSİB, which signed the world-famous ARBS 2024 Fair with the national participation organization, brought together eight members of the association in this event. İSİB Board Member Cem Savcı participated in the organization on behalf of İSİB. On the first day of the fair, Mehmet Erçıktı, Vice Consul of the Republic of Türkiye in Sydney, and Yavuz Gökçayır, Commercial Attaché of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye, visited İSİB stand and Turkish exhibitors and shared important information about the market. Cem Savcı, Member of İSİB Board of Directors, said that ARBS 2024 Fair is important for the sector due to the high buyer potential of the Australian market; "At this point, looking at the data between the two countries, it is seen that Turkiye's share in Australia's imports of air conditioning products is 0.41 percent in 2022 and 0.45 percent in 2023. Turkey ranks 28th in Australian imports. Although Australia is a distant market, the country is in an importing position due to the lack of production in the country. In this context, products find buyers at higher prices in the market. In exporting products to the country; the right product, high quality and continuity of supply are the most important issues. Since other activities are planned to be carried out in Australia in the following periods, it is of great importance to create the perception of quality Turkish products in the region." 


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