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Imbat signature at International Airports

14 December 2022
Imbat signature at International Airports

Imbat aircraft passenger walking bridge air conditioner, designed by Imbat Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems' 30 years of experience and strong R&D team, was commercialized in 2019 and added to İmbat product range and started to be used at airports.

Imbat aircraft passenger walking bridge air conditioner provides both effective performance and ease of use with its light body structure in dimensions compatible with the bridge and its ability to operate in different outside temperatures. Imbat HSE-U series passenger walking bridge air conditioners, which have the ability to work in different outdoor weather conditions, are designed as 4 models in the range of 15-38 kW. One each is used on the fixed and movable parts of the bridge that connects to the aircraft, and it provides air-conditioning in the bridge in 20 minutes. The devices are produced with high efficiency, scroll type compressor suitable for no-load start with IDV technology, axial type, self-powered, silent and high efficiency condenser fan, EC plug circulation fan.

Some features of İmbat aircraft passenger walking bridge air conditioner:

  • ERP 2018 compliance
  • Dimensions Suitable for Bridge
  • Plug and Play
  • Easy Service and Maintenance
  • Light Body
  • Remote control, ability to connect to building management system
  • EC plug fan
  • Scroll compressor
  • G4 washable filter
  • Electric heating
  • Condenser fan speed control

Imbat passenger walking bridge air conditioners, a product of one hundred percent domestic design, are designed for world markets and are used in major airports of the world today.

As the first references; It was preferred in Russia Khabarovsk airport, Kazakhstan (Turkestan, Hazrat-Sultan International Airport), Niger and Philippines airports.

In 2022, the walking bridges of the Sierra Leone airport in the southwest of Africa will be air-conditioned with İmbat air conditioners. In addition, there is İmbat signature on the walking bridges of Çukurova Airport, which is under construction between Adana and Mersin and will be opened shortly.

Offering high performance with low energy consumption, İmbat aircraft passenger walking bridge air conditioners are both environmentally friendly and economical, providing efficiency for the projects they are used in and for the world. With all these innovative works, our aim is to continue to be on the agenda of our sector with our qualified products that we have produced for many years, as well as new products suitable for the dynamics of the developing and changing market.

As İmbat, we have left behind our 30th year in the sector and we continue our work as one of the 12 active R&D centers of our sector. Today, in a market where imported brands are very active and predominant, we continue to work and produce for a more livable environment with better technologies, with strength and stability, as one of the important players in the sector.

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