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Imbat offers innovative air conditioning solutions for Georgia's historic State Theater.

03 June 2024
Imbat offers innovative air conditioning solutions for Georgia's historic State Theater.

Imbat, Türkiye's leading air conditioning representative globally, exporting to over 50 countries, mainly in Europe, provides innovative air conditioning solutions tailored to the modern era's needs to Meskheti State Theater, preserving Georgia's cultural heritage.

The Meskheti State Theater, established in 1936, has been a significant venue for Georgia's actors and plays. To enhance its status as a symbol of the city, a decision was made to renovate and restore the theater, covering an area of 6,000 square meters with a budget of 4 million Euros. The air conditioning system for the theater, known for its modern architecture, includes four Imbat Air Cooled Water Chillers with a total capacity of 990 kW.

Imbat's Innovative Air Conditioning Solutions and Advantages

Imbat Air Cooled Water Chiller Group provides advanced cooling solutions to support the modernization goals of Meskheti State Theater. Their unique asymmetric compressor technology sets them apart from competitors, allowing for efficient operation even at lower loads when the theater is not at full capacity. This technology reduces energy consumption while maximizing system performance. The design includes multiple compressor circuits for precise capacity control and system reliability, ensuring continuous operation and quick response to any potential issues. Additionally, İmbat chillers with Shell and Tube type evaporator offer enhanced durability under high pressure and temperature conditions, promoting efficient heat transfer and energy savings through high thermal efficiency.

With the Expansion Tank and Hydronic Kit module, Imbat provides a comprehensive package to enhance the durability of the device and ensure the longevity of circulation pumps. This package includes all essential components for the effective, efficient, and reliable operation of Water Chillers.

About Imbat Water Cooling Group

Water chillers are versatile cooling systems used in a wide range of sectors, including aviation, industrial plants, buildings, and the food and beverage industry.

Water chillers are crucial in different sectors like factories for process cooling, buildings for air conditioning, data centers for server cooling, food processing plants for product storage, and medical facilities for cooling sensitive devices. They serve to regulate temperature and uphold product quality.

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