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İmbat Condensing Units in Austria

28 February 2021 Issue: Year 2021

İmbat Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, which produces highly efficient and solution-oriented products developed with an R&D-oriented production approach and a strong design team, has introduced Turkish engineering to the world with its own completely original designs and products. Ranking seventh in the world and first in Turkey for its rooftop air conditioner, with a fully domestic design and Eurovent certificate, İmbat offers highly efficient products to projects with 100% domestic capital.
The two condensing units produced for the industrial facility project in Austria have been completed by İmbat with its solution partners abroad and have a total cooling capacity of 930 kW. Each condensing unit is proportionally controlled with an independent two-circuit, scroll multi-compressor, variable condenser fan flow rate. İmbat condensing units serve with high efficiency using desuperheater exchangers.

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