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HVAC&R Industry Achieved an Additional $500 Million Export Potential Thanks to ISK-SODEX 2021

04 October 2021
HVAC&R Industry Achieved an Additional $500 Million Export Potential Thanks to ISK-SODEX 2021

ISK-SODEX, the leading HVAC&R industry meeting point of the Eurasia Region, was held this year with the participation of 812 companies from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Healthy indoor climate solutions, which gained importance all over the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, left their mark on the exhibition visited by foreign visitors who were 27% higher than 2019. With the B2B Meetings attended by 300 professional buyers from 53 countries, the Turkish air conditioning industry realized new export collaborations. The sector achieved an additional 500 million US Dollars Export that will be realised in the following two years.

ISK-SODEX, the leading HVAC&R Exhibition of the Eurasia region, brought together the sector players between 29 September - 2 October 2021. At ISK SODEX 2021, organized with the theme of healthy air conditioning solutions in the air conditioning industry; 812 exhibitors from 27 countries and 86,217 industry professional visitors from 95 countries, including Turkey, came together within the fair and signed important collaborations.

isk-sodex-1At the ISK-SODEX 2021, organized by Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık in cooperation with ISKAV, DOSİDER, İSKİD, İZODER, TTMD and supported by POMSAD, SOSİAD, ESSİAD, MTMD, and KBSB, manufacturers in Turkey met with 300 professional buyers- a 46 % increase from 2019’s attendance- and 53 countries -44 countries in 2019- within the scope of B2B Meetings organized by Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (ISIB). Thanks to effective business opportunities created by ISK-SODEX, Turkish HVAC&R sector has achieved an additional 500 million US dollars export potential for the next two years.

27 % increase in international visitor numbers compared to 2019

ISK-SODEX 2021 is the only event in the HVAC&R industry that is organized on the largest exhibition space and with the highest attendance in the world during pandemic. A 27 % increase in international visitor numbers compared to the previous edition. In addition, an increase of 14 % was achieved in online visitor registration this year compared to 2019.

alexander-kuhnelHaving said that the HVAC&R industry has achieved important export cooperation Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık Co-General Manager Alexander Kühnel added that: “We had put our events on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic for one and a half year. And now with ISK-SODEX we are back on the field again. Thanks to the COVID-19 precautions taken and the vaccination pace gained globally, we have seen a great interest from industry professionals both nationally and globally as in the days before COVID-19. During such an extraordinary period both our partners and our team have realised great success. Being on the fairground again and seeing that we can do our job like in the old days have motivated us for our upcoming events. The business world was eager more than before to come together face-to-face again. Exhibitor and visitor numbers prove that also. I can proudly say that ISK-SODEX was a big success in terms of both exhibitor and visitor numbers and business volume created.”

Kühnel also emphasized that for four days HVAC&R industry professionals meet with buyers from all over the world and ISK-SODEX created an opportunity for them to build collaborations that helped the industry to reach its export targets.

Sector leaders gathered in Istanbul with ISK-SODEX

812 companies exhibited on an area of over 36,000 square meters, in the ISK-SODEX Exhibition organized by Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık. The exhibition, which was efficient and effective in terms of establishing international cooperation; exhibitors from Russia, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Iran, Uzbekistan, France, Japan, and Morocco showcased their latest technology and innovations during 4 days of the exhibition.

ISK-SODEX 2021 Forum Area sessions attracted great interest

isk-sodex-2The Forum Area sessions that took place within the scope of the exhibition this year witnessed fruitful presentations. Speakers from 34 exhibitor companies and sectoral associations shared information about their latest products and technologies, new regulations, technological developments, and innovative solutions in the air conditioning industry in 29 sessions during the 4-day event.

Advanced COVID-19 precautions has been applied in the exhibition area

Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık has taken major precautions regarding COVID-19 pandemic to secure the safety and the health of the visitors, exhibitors, and employees. For entering the exhibition area, everyone was asked to proclaim vaccination cards, negative PCR test result or illness had recently. Face mask, physical distance and hygiene executions have been applied. With ISK-SODEX another milestone is achieved by the precautions applied, and all the exhibitors and visitors followed the rules and expressed their appreciation.

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