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Highly energy-efficient ETNA products are the preferred for use in the Silvan Dam project.

08 July 2024
Highly energy-efficient ETNA products are the preferred for use in the Silvan Dam project.

ETNA solutions with high energy efficiency were chosen for the Silvan Dam, the largest irrigation dam in the GAP after the Atatürk Dam.

Silvan Dam, built on the Kulp stream, stands out with its 175.5 meters high body with a filling volume of 8.7 million m3 and the highest front face concrete-covered rockfill dam in Turkey and Europe.

ETNA HF-KO series frequency-controlled booster systems, EFP D/DP series drainage pumps, and fire pumps that meet NFPA 20 standards were installed at Silvan Dam, which is one of the key dams in the GAP project.

ETNA HF-KO Series Frequency Controlled Booster Features

The ETNA HF-KO series frequency-controlled booster systems, installed as part of the dam project, provide continuous comfort to users by ensuring a constant water supply at the required pressure regardless of the varying flow rate. By utilizing the HF-KO series booster systems equipped with the latest pump-mountable HYDROKON driver and IE3 motor, operating expenses are reduced compared to traditional systems. Additionally, these systems operate quietly, experience less mechanical wear, and guarantee a longer product lifespan.

  • Pump Inlet-Outlet Housing: GG25 Cast Iron
  • Pump Body: AISI304 Stainless Steel
  • Fan and Diffuser: Noryl
  • Pump Shaft: AISI420 Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Seal: Carbon / Ceramic / EPDM
  • Frequency control drive: HYDROKON
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 60 m³/h per pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 200 meters of water column
  • Fluid Temperature: 0 to 40°C

ETNA is a prominent company in Turkey's pump technology sector, making significant contributions to exports and employment through domestic production. They merge advanced pump capabilities with cutting-edge technology, providing high-quality, reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective products to the industry and end-users. With over 47 years of experience in production and industry, ETNA is a trusted choice in Turkey and various countries globally.



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