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Ferroli Joins Forces With Bestherm Air Conditioning

28 February 2020 Issue: Year 2020
Ferroli Joins Forces With Bestherm Air Conditioning

Ferroli, the world's leading Italian brand in the air conditioning sector, has signed an agreement with Bestherm Air Conditioning to conduct their production, sales and marketing activities in Turkey. With the agreement signed on July 30, 2019, Ferroli Group, in line with the collaboration with Bestherm Air Aonditioning, will provide 350 people directly, and more than 1,000 people indirect employment by investing over 10 million euros in Turkey in the next 5 years. 

Ferroli S.p.A World Export Director Marco Ippoliti providing information on Ferroli in the press meeting said that, "We give special importance to Turkey. The dynamic workforce created by young population in Turkey is remarkable. For us, as well as being a very valuable market, in terms of production and labor in Turkey, a country where we will be happy to invest. Since 1989, we have been taking place in Turkey through representative offices and distributorships. However, due to the strategic location, we desire to be more active with Turkey. With the growing and developing construction sector, young population, regional structure, we have decided to proceed with a local partner in order to create a competitive advantage for our air conditioning products, especially combi.

We have decided that Bestherm Air Conditioning is suitable to meet our needs in the market. As a result of our collaboration, we aim to be increased to 10% within 5 years by doubling of our Ferroli brand market share in Turkey. We believe that our cooperation will make an important contribution to Ferroli Group and we will achieve new achievements.”. Bestherm Air Conditioning Boards of Directors Chairman Mehmet Besler said in his speech that, "Our cooperation with Ferroli, an agreement we place great importance in terms of Turkey to have a say in this market. Our first goal is to increase the market share of Ferroli products and to increase brand value by developing effective customer and stakeholder relationships. We started with an investment of 5 million euros at theTurkey's long stagnant period. In the medium term, we will invest 10 million euros in total. ”. 

Bestherm Air-Conditioning Deputy General Director Erol Porsemay said that, "For the first time in Turkey, it will made production investment to the hybrid device that works with the heat pumps from air to water with a gas appliance. In this way, we will produce devices with A++ efficiency, that is 20% more efficient than a normal condensing boiler. With this system, 138% efficiency can be achieved.”. Explaining that the air conditioning sector has also become digital in the world where every sector has become digital, Porsemay said, “We will focus on digital marketing in marketing efforts. Consumers will be able to create service demand with mobile applications. In line with Ferroli's customer principles, we are installing our system that will reduce the solution process to our end consumers from 24 hours to 12 hours. This is an important step not only in Turkey but also in European conditions. We are establishing a digitalization and 100% customer satisfaction system in all existing platforms.".

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