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Export Performance of Turkish Air Conditioning Industry in 2022 Has Been Determined: 6.7 Billion US Dollars

04 January 2023
Export Performance of Turkish Air Conditioning Industry in 2022 Has Been Determined: 6.7 Billion US Dollars

The Turkish air conditioning industry closed the year 2022 with an export volume of   6 billion 680 million dollars with an increase of 7.9 percent compared to the previous year. While the exports of the sector reached the highest size of all time, the ratio of exports to imports was 93.5%.

Increasing its exports in all sub-product groups except for the Heating System and Elements sub-sector, the Turkish Air Conditioning Sector has increased its exports by 21.5 percent in the Cooling System and Elements sub-sector, 27.3 percent in the Air Conditioning System and Elements, 8 percent in the Installation Systems and Elements, in 2022 compared to 2021. 4, 10 percent in Ventilation Systems and Elements, and 0.3 percent in Insulation Materials. A 7.9 percent decline was recorded in the Heating Systems and Components sub-sector. The countries with the highest exports in 2022 were Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia and France, respectively. The kilogram unit price of the industry increased from $4.63 in 2021 to $5.35 in 2022.

Mehmet Şanal, Chairman of the Board of the Air Conditioning Industry Exporters' Association (ISIB), stated that exports reached the highest point in 2022 as the sector and said: We are working hard for this goal. In 2022, our industry was adversely affected due to the Dollar-Euro parameter variability. While the import input cost of the sector is 60% in Dollar basis, we make 65% of our sector's exports in Euro basis. For this reason, the ratio of exports of the air conditioning sector to imports was 93.5% this year. Our share from the world was 1.37% as an industry. According to TIM data, we are the 11th largest sector in Turkey.

Our country's exports are increasing day by day and we are becoming active in international markets. From marketing to sales, from communication to implementation, the Turkish Air Conditioning industry is progressing in a coordinated, efficient and enthusiastic manner with all its stakeholders. We get rewards for the hard work we do in almost every region of the world. In 2022, besides European countries, we increased our market share in Central Asian countries, Balkan countries, African and South American countries that promise potential and where our country does not get the market share it deserves.

While we participated in 23 different international fairs for our exporters in 2022 with our national participation and info stand models, we organized Sectoral Trade delegations to Uzbekistan, Brazil-Argentina and Hungary. In addition, we organized separate procurement committee organizations for North African countries and Balkan Countries. With the initiatives of our Association, Turkey became a Partner Country at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Fair held in Milan, one of the most important fairs of our industry, in July. A total of 139 exporting companies participated in the fair.

In 2023, we have determined to be the sector with foreign trade surplus as our biggest goal. For this, we have planned and will implement more than 30 activities, from foreign trade delegations to fair participation, from purchasing delegations to overseas education -B2B meetings. At the same time, we will continue our sponsorships and advertising activities abroad.

In 2023, with our R&D and innovation vision, we will continue our work on new product development without slowing down. Our primary mission is to support our exporters and stand by them at all times. In order to be able to do this all over the world, we will continue our activities without interruption.”

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