E.C.A.’s New Series Returns from Europe with Awards

06 February 2018 Issue: Year 2018

E.C.A.'s Icon and Purity series products won prizes in the Italian A Design Award, one of the most prestigious of international design competitions, and the German Iconic Awards design competitions. At the A Design Awards, Icon series wash basin, bathroom and sink fixtures were awarded gold level and Purity series, wash basin, bathroom and sink fixtures are awarded at Silver level; Purity Washbowl Battery and Icon Bath Battery received awards In the Iconic Award design competition product category. The German Design Awards, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious design competitions in Europe, where E.C.A was among the specifically invited brands; Purity sink battery and Icon bath battery received "Special Mention" award; Icon won the "Winner" prize for the wash basin battery. Enver Öz, General Manager of Elmor, the company responsible for domestic sales and marketing of E.C.A. armatures, said: "These awards are indicators that increase our motivation in the sector and prove how correct our steps. E.C.A., above all, promises solidity and durability to its users, in accordance with the principle of "together for years". Our products respecting nature and humanity also offer ease of application. The biggest reason why our products are awarded internationally is our multi-faceted thinking structure."

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