Developed by Istanbul Technical University Students:

15 June 2021 Issue:

Now academics, engineers and students; they will be able to make thermodynamic calculations and obtain interactive diagrams much more easily and quickly. Because now there is, developed by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) students; Less than a year after its establishment, it made a difference in its field and managed to reach users from all over the world and already reach 10-15 thousand monthly users. Unlike hard-to-use engineering programs that need to be downloaded and installed on a computer; It quickly provides solutions to complex engineering problems, interactive diagrams and graphics to users from all over the world. With its easy use from a computer, tablet or phone; It handles the iteration and improvement of the systems for the users. Moreover, this website, which is a combination of software and engineering, continues its development without slowing down, adding new content to its content day by day and increasing its service quality.