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Daikin Türkiye Increased its 2022 Turnover by 34 Percent on Euro Basis

26 July 2023
Daikin Türkiye Increased its 2022 Turnover by 34 Percent on Euro Basis

Leading the air conditioning sector with its high-tech and environmentally friendly products, Daikin continues its rapid growth in Türkiye. Daikin, which started to operate in Türkiye as a direct investor in July 2011 and multiplied its growth every year, has made significant contributions to the country's economy and employment by achieving 520 per cent growth on Euro basis since 2011. Closing the 2022 fiscal year with a turnover of approximately 620 million Euros, Daikin Türkiye achieved an export revenue of approximately 370 million Euros in the same period. With its export success, the company made a big difference in the sector as the export champion in the air conditioning sector in the ranking of Türkiye's Top 1000 Exporters in 2022 according to the exporter survey announced by TIM.

Evaluating the 2022 fiscal year, Daikin Türkiye CEO Hasan Önder said, "2022 was actually a very challenging year. Despite important agenda items such as the energy crisis, the Russia-Ukraine War and the earthquake disaster, which is described as the disaster of the century, we achieved a growth well above our targets in 2022; we managed to grow approximately 34 percent in turnover on a Euro basis compared to 2021."

Emphasising the importance of Daikin's investments in Türkiye in this strong growth, Önder drew attention to the new VRV production facility and said: "In May 2022, we started the production of VRV outdoor units with the VRV production facility we commissioned in our factory located in Sakarya - Hendek. With this investment, we managed to increase our production capacity rapidly. While meeting the needs of the domestic market with our production here, we also sell to Europe through Daikin Europe. This investment, which constitutes a very successful start of Daikin Türkiye's goal of becoming Europe's VRV production base, contributes greatly to our growth. Our export turnover, which was 261 million Euros in 2021, increased by approximately 42 per cent to approximately 370 million Euros in 2022. With this success, we became the champion in the air conditioning sector in Türkiye's Top 1000 Exporters ranking announced by TIM. Our export target for 2023 is based on a 15 percent growth in Euro terms. Our new R&D centre building investment, which we announced in 2022, is the clearest indicator of the importance we attach to production and our determination to make Türkiye the production base of the region."

Evaluating the success of Daikin Türkiye, Önder said that offering a complete solution to the customer with a wide range of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products developed in line with changing consumer expectations, both on the commercial and individual side, is a very important factor that brings this success.

34 Percent Year-Over-Year Growth in Euro Basis

Hasan Önder stated that Daikin Türkiye, which opened the new fiscal year as of April 2023, started the new season with high motivation and expressed its determination to make the success sustainable: "In 2021, despite the pandemic, we achieved a turnover of approximately 462 million Euros. 2022 was a sad year in which supply problems and political tensions prevailed globally, the energy crisis was an agenda item in Europe, and a major earthquake disaster was experienced in Türkiye. As Daikin Türkiye, despite all these challenging situations, we have managed to reach a turnover of approximately 620 million Euros by growing 520 percent in Euro terms since 2011, when we started operating in Türkiye. In our fiscal year 2022, our growth rate in Euro terms was 34 percent compared to 2021. We are really proud as the Daikin Family for achieving such a great success. We are now a big family of about 2 thousand people. Our 2025 target is to reach 800 million Euros in turnover and 2,700 people in employment despite the negativities in the entire supply chain. We are working with all our strength in this direction."

Daikin's Investments in Türkiye Continue

Positioned as the centre of not only Türkiye but also CIS countries, Daikin Türkiye stands out as the production base of the region. In 2022, Daikin Global's investments in Türkiye will continue until 2025 in line with its F25 targets. In May 2022, Daikin Türkiye opened its VRV outdoor unit production facility with an investment of EUR 13 million. The investment of the company, which also announced the new R&D centre building with an investment value of EUR 3.5 million, is not limited to this. Daikin has invested approximately 110 million Euros in Türkiye since 2012.
The results of Daikin's investments are seen in exports as well as the total turnover success achieved in 2022. Stating that the export turnover in 2022 was approximately 370 million Euros, Önder said, "Our 2023 target is to increase our exports by 15 percent and reach 425 million Euros. We experience the success of being a company that has introduced many pioneering technologies to the sector and at the same time has rapidly adapted to regulations such as LOT21 in every field. As Daikin Türkiye, we are exporting to countries such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Northern Iraq, Mongolia and TRNC in the Middle East and Türkiye, as well as to Europe with our VRV outdoor units produced in our Hendek factory. Our goal is to maintain this export success and reach an export figure of 550 million Euros in 2025."

Signature "Daikin" in Reference Projects

Daikin, the leading brand of the air conditioning industry, continued to take part in projects of various scales in 2022. Silk Road Samarkand, a multifunctional tourism complex built in the historical city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan and designed to be the modern attraction centre of not only this country but also Central Asia, and Galataport are just a few of the projects where Daikin is an air conditioning solution partner.

Expressing his views on Daikin Türkiye, which has its signature in reference projects with its energy-efficient, easy-to-use solutions, Önder gave the following information: "Positioned as the R&D, production and logistics base of Eastern Europe, Turkic Republics, Middle East and North Africa as well as Türkiye, Daikin Türkiye is also responsible for the markets of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia in the CIS region. In the countries affiliated to Daikin Türkiye, we are increasing our weight in the market every year, especially on the project sales side. Despite the current climate of war and political instability, we recorded a 40 percent growth compared to last year with the major projects. In this sense, we have exceeded the growth targets we set for F25 two years ago. We will complete our service and training centres in F25 by establishing them in all main markets. We will continue to increase our presence in the region by offering our customers an end-to-end solution including project design, sales and after sales."

Market Leader in Heat Pump

The energy crisis that started with the Russia-Ukraine war caused natural gas prices to reach record highs.These increases have led many countries to seek alternative heating methods to natural gas.Heat pumps, which use the energy found in nature such as air, soil, sea, lake or groundwater, and therefore offer cost advantages to users, stood out among the preferred solutions in this search.Daikin, while maintaining its leadership in the European and Turkish markets with its air-to-water heat pump produced using R-32 refrigerant, which it is the inventor of, responds to all the needs of its users with its products designed for buildings with different characteristics.Leading the market in air source heat pumps with the new generation Altherma 3 heat pump series produced using R-32 refrigerant, Daikin meets the heating and hot water needs of more than 800 thousand users worldwide in an economical and environmentally friendly environment.

Leading the sector with the technologies it offers, Daikin is the leader in the heat pump market in Türkiye according to the results of 2022.Daikin Türkiye; With its heat pump product range, it allows its users to meet their heating, cooling and hot water needs with a highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

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