16 July 2019 Tuesday

Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Onder, "We are focused on being #1 of the world in Heating, too."


Resulting from three years’ work of Daikin’s European Design Center (EDC) and R & D engineers in Turkey, Daikin’s Premix boiler launch event was held at the Ciragan Palace on 14 September. Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Onder, press launch, ongoing work and gave information about new targets: “As Daikin Turkey, achieve a record growth in our first period by raising our turnover from 202 million TL to 1 billion TL, the number of our employees from 424 people to 1075 people, and our exports from $10 million to $100 million. We have launched many new and innovative projects in line with Daikin Global’s Fusion20 targets, from our production facilities to our sales channels, in the second 5 years starting in April 2017. We have determined to continue to grow rapidly in the coming period and to achieve our goals in 2020 as it is today by reaching an annual turnover of 1 million 644 thousand TL, 1,500 employees and $200 million in exports. After that we will take much bigger steps. As Daikin Turkey, we have accelerated our efforts in R&D and innovation and we have established our center.

Our team has done a lot of improvement work to date and eventually got a first in Daikin and sector history. We developed a combi boiler that would suit a brand known for innovation and technology like Daikin. That’s why we say ‘We redesigned heating’. Daikin’s R&D base on heating will be Turkey. We are planning to give the sector a whole new impetus and to attract new investments with this move. For the first time with this boiler, a device that works with natural gas came on the market with Daikin brand. We are focused on being #1 of the world in heating, too, while we were projecting our next 5 years. 200 million TL of Daikin’s last year’s turnover of 1 billion TL, consisted of heating products. We anticipate that this 20 percent ratio will rise to 30 percent by 2020. ” Onder added “While redesigning the heating with the size of our new combination, we have added a new value to the export power.  We offer to sale this combi boiler we produced in Sakarya, both in Europe and Turkey, at the same time. Our combi boiler is now being sold in Germany, Italy and UK markets. It will be sold in other European countries in 2018. Daikin Combi boiler is a first, it will continue. Daikin’s investments in Turkey will not be limited by the heating group. In the 2018-2019 year, we are planning to shift a portion of the production in Europe, to the production facilities in Turkey. For this, we move the central system products called VRV to be produced in Turkey. Daikin, who came to Turkey as a direct investor, had added Airfel within by making a $ 260 million purchase. And we have invested 100 million TL, since 2012. We are planning to invest $ 50 million in line with our 2020 plans.”

Patrick CrombezDaikin Europe Heating General Manager Patrick Crombez said, “Daikin Combi boiler is a concrete indicator of Daikin’s assertiveness in heating as well as being a first for us. Daikin Turkey, as the regional base of production and logistics, shows a successful growth within the Daikin Group as well as in the market. We are following and appreciating the progress shown and the innovative implementations of Daikin Turkey in sales, marketing and service fields, which have managed to become the market leader in a short span of 6 years. Daikin Combi boiler is the fruit of all these efforts. We will continue to grow in Turkey and to position the Daikin Turkey as the center of the region. We will continue our investments in the same pace in Turkey planned in line with our goal of pioneering the Acclimatization also in Turkey as it is in the rest of the world.