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Daikin Sensei Started to be Produced at Daikin's Hendek Production Facilities in Türkiye

09 November 2022
Daikin Sensei Started to be Produced at Daikin's Hendek Production Facilities in Türkiye

In the last days of 2021, Daikin has started the production of "Wall Type Full Condensing Boilers", which it calls Sensei, with its new production line in Hendek factory. With the “Wall Type Full Condensing Boiler” line, Daikin has added a new series with export value to its product range, with an annual production of 10 thousand units. “Wall Type Full Condensing Boiler” One of the outstanding features of Daikin Sensei is that it is produced only in Türkiye within the Daikin Group.

Daikin Sensei “Wall Type Fully Condensing Boiler” that provides central system heating and domestic hot water of buildings such as residences, schools, factories, villas and hospitals; It differs from its peers with its superior technical features. Offering a 'wide capacity range' with 3 different capacities, 60, 130 and 150 kW, the device provides cascade capability for up to 16 devices. Daikin Sensei, which provides "high capacity" from 60 kW to 2400 kW in a single system, reaches an efficiency value of up to 109.1 percent thanks to the premix condensation technology used, thus providing low fuel consumption.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Makes a Difference

One of the most important features that distinguishes Daikin Sensei, which has 6 models in 3 capacities, Master and Slave types, is that it has a "stainless steel heat exchanger". The stainless steel pipes of the heat exchangers used in Daikin boilers are bent and then hydroformed, making them extremely compact units. Hydroforming, a specialized industrial process that provides a uniform and consistent space between stainless steel pipes; It facilitates the circulation of steam, heat conduction and natural cleaning process. Since stainless steel is a material that is perfectly suited to condensation conditions, it provides the heat exchanger with superior properties in terms of reliability, durability, resistance to thermal shocks, low thermal inertia, long life and low sensitivity to the pH value of water. In addition, the 'integrated valve' that provides system cost advantage, the 'digital user panel' that provides fast and easy use with one button, the 'follower and leader gain' options in every capacity to optimize the cost of the cascade system are among the other features that reveal the difference of the product. . Daikin Sensei, which has a "wide modulation range" of 1:6 thanks to its Bluejet® burner technology, stands out as an environmentally friendly product with its low NOx and CO emission values.

The Perfect Solution for All Kinds of Buildings

The device, which has a long product life thanks to the best-in-class stainless steel heat exchanger and copper water pipes, provides superior protection thanks to the anti-interference harmonic filter (EMC). Adapting to all chimney systems, Daikin Sensei can operate as full hermetic and semi-hermetic. Daikin Sensei, which can be programmed according to different needs thanks to its easy-to-use user panel, can be easily integrated in smart buildings as it is compatible with the MODBUS system.

Daikin Sensei, which stands out with its compact dimensions, best-in-class components, and 'co-aging' function that increases product life in cascade systems, is the perfect solution for buildings, hospitals, offices, villas and factories.

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