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COPA's 2021 Export Performance Awarded

02 December 2022
COPA's 2021 Export Performance Awarded

COPA, one of the leading brands of the Turkish Air Conditioning industry, can't get enough of awards in exports. At the ceremony organized by the Air Conditioning Industry Exporters' Association (ISIB) in Antalya, in which companies that played an effective role in the export market in 2021 and that made the most exports were awarded, COPA became the second largest radiator exporter in 2021. COPA, which returns with an award every year at the Leaders of Export Awards, once again proved its success in exports.

Operating in more than 40 countries in 4 continents, COPA strengthens its presence in global markets day by day by exporting 80 percent of its production, which it carries out with 100 percent domestic capital. COPA exports to many countries such as England, China, Romania, Poland, Serbia and Sweden.

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