23 January 2020 Thursday

Cooperation between ITU and eight universities of Europe


Istanbul Technical University established the European Engineering, Innovation in Education and Science Alliance together with 8 other leading European partner universities. Istanbul Technical University Delegation that chaired by Rector Prof.Dr. Mehmet Karaca, met with the rectors and delegations of the elite universities of Europe on 29 January 2019 in Madrid, Spain. 

Istanbul Technical University from Turkey, Polytechnic University of Madrid from Spain, Budapest Technology and Economics University from Hungary, Bucharest Polytechnic University from Romania, Friedrich Alexander of Erlangen-Nuremberg University from Germany, major engineering colleges umbrella organization of France ParisTech 's founding members, Chimie ParisTech, ENVA ParisTech, Paris Paris, Paris Paris, Télépère ParisTech, have joined forces and formed the "EELISA -European Engineering, Learning Innovation and Science Alliance".

The declaration of the organization, including the objectives of the alliance, was signed with a magnificent ceremony organized by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. As it is known, the European Commission published an Erasmus+ call to establish 20 European universities until 2025. EELISA team members including ITU team worked together for 8 months to respond to this call.

Solution to social problems

EELISA, which aims to consolidate the progress of European Union values in general in the near future, will be an important guide for higher education institutions in all sectors of European higher education and beyond. EELISA will align universities' strategies with sustainable development goals. Encourage and support the mobility of engineering students, academic and administrative staff. Higher education in the sector will develop links between business and society.

Partners will focus on a valid engineering degree at the graduate level in whole Europe and will develop co-operation at the undergraduate and doctoral level. EELISA members will strengthen cooperation within the European Higher Education and Research Area.

Gender equality

EELISA with its name, that reminiscent to one of the first female engineers of Europe named Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu borned in Romania, attaches importance to gender equality. EELISA underlines that women should have the same rights in their engineering career and social lives.

Important contribution to engineering education

In collaboration with Mines ParisTech, the universities and schools that have been collaborating with ATHENS (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network / Socrates) for 20 years have brought together a total of 170 thousand students and staff with EELISA to form a European University with ambitious goals until 2025.  In this direction, the first 3 years of joint project will focus to prepare a graduate (master)  engineering degree that valid throughout Europe. Within this scope, education and experience sharing about the sector will be expanded. The relationship between higher education and scientific research will be strengthened and learning will be supported by scientific research. Within the scope of the first 3-year student and academic staff mobility, an academic program will be presented about "Smart, Green and Sustainable City" and "Industry 4.0"  subjects which have priority for European Commission. The collaboration between the laboratories and the teams which work for these two mentioned areas, will be supported. In the future, areas of cooperation will be expanded as well as work on undergraduate and doctoral subjects. ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education) will also support EELISA projects as a consultant partner.


European presidents and prime ministers opened up the idea of establishing 20 new European Universities in the autumn of 2017. The European Commission has raised the issue from the first months of 2018 and announced that the first call will be made at the end of 2018, the second call will be made in 2019.

The European University project consists of 5 sub-projects:

1. Organization and management,
2. Education,
3. Bridge between education and R&D and innovation,
4. Business and community cooperation with the University,
5. Communication, sharing and disseminating project results with the community.