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Control of Dubai Mazaya Mall from Turkish company

17 January 2021
Control of Dubai Mazaya Mall from Turkish company

Arma Kontrol will control the car park entrance and exit of Dubai Mazaya Mall. Arma Kontrol, consisting entirely of Turkish engineers, will control the parking lot entrances and exits of Dubai Mazaya Mall, one of the most important shopping centers in Dubai. Arma Kontrol will integrate unmanned payment technologies into parking lot management with the local software it has developed, providing a fast and safe traffic flow free of human errors. Arma Kontrol, which acquires 11 percent of its turnover from Dubai, aims to increase this rate to 18 with new technologies and products in 2021.

Arma Kontrol, offering high security products with its R&D team consisting entirely of Turkish engineers, has added a new one to its reference projects in Dubai. Arma Kontrol, which previously provided the security of many projects in the United Arab Emirates such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum and Qatar Military Units, has now offered a solution to Dubai Mazaya Mall with its technology. Integrating unmanned payment technologies into the parking systems of Mazaya Mall, the company contributed to the security and time management of the shopping mall.

Will prevent human errors

Stating that they provide 25 percent of their turnover from the Middle East market, Arma Kontrol Founder and General Manager Koray Kartal said, “We made our first export to the Middle East market in 2010 and so far we have provided solutions to many projects in the United Arab Emirates, from museums to military regions from oil production centers to consulates. We developed a different solution by integrating our unmanned payment systems into the parking lot management of Dubai Mazaya Mall. We have prevented problems that may arise due to human errors in parking lot management with our new software technology. In addition, we achieved significant savings in parking lot entry and exit times. Thus, we contributed to the efficiency of Mazaya Mall.

Our structure conform with the region

Stating that they aim to increase their export share in the Middle East to 40 percent in 2021, Kartal said, “We are increasing our exports day by day with our brand recognition in the Middle East. We are strengthening our preference in the region significantly by focusing on our technology investments. Dubai ranks first among cities that closely follow technological developments in the region and want to use these technologies in their daily life. We coincide with Dubai with our structure that invests in technology and adapts them to daily life. We meet 11 percent of our turnover from Dubai. In 2021, we aim to increase this rate to 18 with new technologies and products. In addition to Dubai, we believe that we will increase our share in the region day by day. In addition, our talks about smart city projects in the region continue, ”he said.
Detailed information about Arma Kontrol can be found at www.armakontrol.com.

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