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CIAT will Continue Its Activities in Turkey Under Its Roof of ALDAĞ Inc.

09 March 2020 Issue: Year 2020
CIAT will Continue Its Activities in Turkey Under Its Roof of ALDAĞ Inc.

With the agreement between ALDAĞ Inc. Turkey and CIAT France provided on December 19, 2019, all sales, marketing and aftersales services of CIAT Turkey Heating Cooling and Ventilation Systems. Industry and Trade Inc. were transferred to ALDAĞ Inc. ALDAĞ reached the condition of the sole authorized distributor of the products which are CIAT branded in Turkey borders. At the ceremony held in İstanbul Çırağan Palace on January 28, 2020, signatures were signed by the chief executives of both companies and the partnership of the two companies became official.

The meeting, which many industry representatives, ALDAĞ, and CIAT business partners showed interest, commenced with the opening speech of the Chief Executive Officer of ALDAĞ Inc., Rebii Dağoğlu. In his speech, Dağoğlu stated: “We are very proud and happy to welcome all members of the industry and media here on the occasion of this beautiful event. CIAT, the world’s largest company in the field of commercial air conditioning, is part of a group with a vast network, from air conditioning to cooling, from fire and safety to automation, with a turnover of $19 billion. We will all see what synergy will emerge when CIAT’s strength and trust in us and our respected image we have achieved by putting on it over the years as ALDAĞ Inc. come together. ALDAĞ Inc. has always been a respected and reliable company, and the only shortcoming was the dynamism that would trigger change. After I took over the management of the company three years ago, a change and transformation process began in the company. As a matter of fact, this agreement that we will sign here today is one of the fruits of this process. The concept of sustainability plays an important role in the future growth and development strategy of ALDAĞ Inc. The concept of sustainability consists of three main elements. It is possible to list these three elements as follows: energy efficiency, environmental awareness, and digitalization. We determine our entire development strategy based on these three elements and by creating value. We have never adopted and do not adopt a price-based, growth strategy that ignores quality. Today we are signing this partnership because CIAT’s corporate culture and management approach are in line with our growth strategy. This agreement is not just a signing ceremony of a business partnership, it has much more meaning than the definition of a business partnership. The whole sector will witness this in the near future.” 

Adding that the mastermind of this agreement was ALDAĞ Inc.’s Executive Board Member Stavros Tsavalos, Dağoğlu said “Stavros Tsavalos, who has taken on very important tasks in the global companies of the air conditioning sector, came to us with this idea, and we started our work based on this idea. We have successfully completed a challenging 18-month period, and a new period will begin from now on. When I took over the management of the company three years ago, I said that nothing would be the same, so it is now. I did everything I said I would. The change process we experience now is not only the change process of ALDAĞ Inc., but also the change process of the sector. Because Turkey is changing, the world is changing. I am a person who believes in positive science; thus, the only thing that cannot be changed according to my belief is the change itself. Change carries risks, but not changing is a greater risk because the outcome is definitive. There is an old saying, let nature take its course. Just as we cannot change the direction of flowing water, it is not possible to slow down the momentum of this partnership.” 
Rebii Dağoğlu concluded his speech by saying, “ALDAĞ - CIAT partnership, which will change the dynamics of the sector, will be a success story. This partnership will create great value for our industry and economy,” and he gave the floor to ALDAĞ Inc.’s Executive Board Member, Stavros Tsavalos. Tsavalos said “I came to ALDAĞ Inc., where I am a member of the Executive Board today, as a consultant in 2016. Since then, the company has changed greatly. First, it built a very nice factory. And this partnership established with CIAT is an indication of the development of ALDAĞ Inc. The market that we  will play a role in is not just the Turkish market, but the world market, the solutions market. CIAT is also a solution company. ALDAĞ Inc. also has advantages to produce and offer these solutions. We produce solutions, not products. The trend in the world is also in this direction. It is obvious that the market will not be very strong in the coming period, but we should not overlook the basic points. ALDAĞ Inc. focuses on generating solutions and creating value in its growth strategy. Therefore, I believe that this partnership will grow as well,” and ended his speech. 

After Tsavalos, CIAT’s General Manager, Didier Genois, said, “This partnership agreement we have signed will strengthen CIAT’s presence in Turkey with ALDAĞ Inc. We have examined and observed ALDAĞ Inc. for a very long time. We have decided that it will be the right partner for us in this market. We trust this partnership and ALDAĞ Inc. Because we want the right people to produce the right solutions. The partnership we are stepping into today is the beginning of our relationship. The combination of our engineering knowledge and experience with a variety of products and systems that will increase in the coming period will ensure that our relationship will be long-lasting.”

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