Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, Alarko Carrier Will Accelerate Its Export Works in the New Era

21 October 2023 Issue:

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its partnership, Alarko Carrier is accelerating its export efforts in the new period of its steady growth journey, while General Manager Cem Akan said, "Our export target for 2027 is 35 million dollars." Carrier Europe Vice President Didier Genois stated that Türkiye is of strategic importance for Carrier, while Alarko Carrier Chairman Niv Garih said, "We have always aimed to be a company that directs the market, not just follows the market."

Alarko Carrier, the pioneer of the air conditioning industry, held a press conference in Feriye on October 17, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its quarter-century-long partnership with Carrier, the inventor of air conditioning, in Türkiye. The meeting hosted by Alarko Carrier Chairman of the Board of Directors Niv Garih, Alarko Carrier General Manager Cem Akan and Carrier Europe Vice President Didier Genois, Alarko Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors İzzet Garih, Alarko Holding Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Vedat A. Alaton, Alarko Holding Board of Directors Board Member Leyla Alaton and Carrier HVAC Middle East and Türkiye General Manager Sathya Moorthi attended.

We have grown steadily for 25 years

Alarko Carrier General Manager Cem Akan, who made the opening speech of the press conference, stated that they are proud of having become one of the most important actors in the sector and said, “We have achieved many firsts in the sector with our constantly developing organization and have reached today by growing steadily. We established one of the first R&D centers in Türkiye in the field of air conditioning. We won the 'company exporting the most air handling units, rooftop, fan coil and package type air conditioners' award given by the Air Conditioning Manufacturers Exporters Association (İSİB) 9 times in a row. Today, we operate as Türkiye's only publicly traded air conditioning company. We export both individual and central air conditioning and water pressurization products to 73 countries on 7 continents. "Our 2027 export target is 35 million dollars," he said.

Pointing out that Alarko Carrier has made significant progress in recent years, especially in digitalization, energy efficiency and innovative products, Akan said, “In the new factory we established in Eskişehir, we aim to increase our digitalization speed and efficiency in production. On the other hand, we will continue to prioritize the production of nature-friendly technologies that are sensitive to humans and the environment. We have made great progress in our efforts to develop 100 percent hydrogen-powered combi boilers. At the end of the next two years, we will be ready to produce combi boilers that can run entirely on hydrogen fuel.

We are a company that directs the market, not a company that follows the market.

Niv Garih, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alarko Carrier, stated that the partnership between Carrier and Alarko is very valuable to him; “At Alarko Carrier, we have always aimed to be a company that directs the market, not just follows it. By saying "Climate is our business", we take a pioneering role in many new technologies such as energy saving, climate literacy and energy technologies. The company's founding values, from past to present, have a significant impact on the success of this partnership, which is now 25 years old. "The values at the roots of the company lie behind our becoming a respected institution that can provide service without compromising on quality today," he said.

Türkiye is a Strategic Country for Carrier

Stating that they were honored to celebrate Alarko Carrier's 25th anniversary, Carrier Europe Vice President Didier Genois said in his speech: “Türkiye is currently the 19th largest economy in the world. With its 85 million population, developing economy and strategic location between Europe and Asia, Türkiye has become a strategic market for Carrier over time. Considering that the air conditioning market is approximately 2 billion dollars, we, as Alarko Carrier, play an important role in this sector.”

Stating that three important elements stand out in Alarko Carrier's quarter-century success, Didier Genois said: “The commitment and dedication of Alarko employees; "This success would not have been possible without the strong partnership and "playing to win" culture that Alarko and Carrier managed to create," he said.

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