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Buildings Are Under Protection If İzocam Stands Behind Them

06 December 2023 Issue: Year 2023
Buildings Are Under Protection If İzocam Stands Behind Them

İzocam, Turkey's biggest insulation manufacturer, secures energy savings and comfort with its products that provide thermal and sound insulation while protecting the load-bearing system that keeps buildings standing in earthquakes.
İzocam, Turkey's pioneer insulation manufacturer, draws attention to the importance of insulation for earthquake-resistant buildings. The leading company, which pioneers the insulation industry with its motto “İzocam stands behind it”, ensures energy saving and comfort with its products that provide thermal and sound insulation, while protecting the load-bearing system that keeps the buildings standing in the event of an earthquake.
Stating that insulation is essential for earthquake resistance, energy saving and comfortable life, İzocam General Director Mr. Murat Savcı emphasized that the last earthquake disaster we experienced reminded us of the importance of durable buildings in overcoming disasters. Stating that insulation products that are used for energy-saving purposes also support buildings in terms of long-term durability with quality products and applications, Mr. Savcı said: “Thermal insulation applications that are accurately calculated and applied with qualified materials and workmanship are one of the most important precautions we must take to ensure that our buildings are earthquake resistant. Thermal insulation products protect especially the load-bearing system that keeps buildings standing during earthquakes. Thermal insulation applications applied accurately and in a qualified manner prevent condensation and moisture on the walls due to thermal differences. Therefore, we should not forget that insulation applications, which are indispensable in terms of both the economic development of our country and the ability to save energy in our buildings, also play a critical role in the earthquake resistance of our buildings.”
Mr. Savcı stated that, as İzocam, they secure comfort along with energy savings with their insulation products for use in the basement, facade, adjacent walls, roof and HVAC details of all buildings, while also contributing to the durability of the building. Mr. Savcı gave the following information about İzocam Foamboard and İzocam Kalibel, which are among these products:
“In addition to the thermal insulation it provides with its high compressive strength, İzocam Foamboard brings the comfort conditions needed by building occupants with minimum energy cost, thanks to its ease of application, lightness and water repellent properties. İzocam Kalibel, which is used for sound and thermal insulation on adjacent walls, is a glass wool board faced with gypsum board on one side, which increases the efficiency of the workforce by shortening the on-site application time, stands out as a lightweight product that is fireproof, quickly and easily applied, does not require accessories, protects the walls against mold and moistures, and offers continues comfort. İzocam Kalibel, which is certified to be produced in European standards and harmless to human health with its EUCEB (European Certification Board for mineral wool products) certificate, not only contributes to sound insulation in buildings but also supports thermal comfort.”
Supply of products needed for projects in the “Earthquake Area” has started
Explaining that they are continuing their efforts to ensure that our citizens affected by the February 6th earthquakes settle into their homes quickly and continue their lives in durable buildings with the necessary comfort conditions, İzocam General Director Mr. Murat Savcı continued his words as follows: “In the statement made by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change following the devastating earthquakes that occurred one after another, centered in Kahramanmaraş, it was reported that 311 thousand buildings containing 872 thousand 59 dwellings were demolished in our 11 provinces, and in this context, the construction of approximately 180 thousand dwellings and village houses has started, and approximately 140 thousand residences are at the project stage. As İzocam, we took action immediately after the earthquake to meet the need for shelter, which is one of the priority needs of our citizens in the Earthquake Area and made product determinations on the right product with the right thickness and the right application that may be needed in tent and container cities.
To provide our citizens with their new homes as quickly as possible, our efforts to ensure the production, stock and supply of the products needed in the region continue uninterruptedly. We stand ready in the Earthquake Area with our team to provide our contributions regarding each project that is planned and the construction of which has started. For these works to continue increasingly at all construction sites, we cooperate and hold joint meetings with the contractors and companies implementing the projects. As the leading brand İzocam, we take care to provide the best service to every individual who needs shelter after the earthquake by making all the necessary plans with our coordination team that we have established to deliver the insulation materials we produce to the region on time. 
Within the scope of these works, 1400 m3 of our İzocam Foamboard product, which is a high-strength XPS (extruded polystyrene) thermal insulation board, is used on flat roofs, and 16,700 m2 of our İzocam Glass wool Kalibel product is used on the adjacent walls in the ongoing housing project, which includes the construction of 849 dwellings in Diyarbakır Bağlar district, in partnership with Polen İnşaat and Dibay İnşaat.”

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