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Beyond your Imagination with High Tech Manufacturing facility and Eurovent Certified Products

02 February 2022
Beyond your Imagination with High Tech Manufacturing facility and Eurovent Certified Products

Friterm is now too CONFIDENT on its own DX air coolers capacity.

After a long run on the way of gaining Eurovent certifications for the DX unit air coolers, Friterm pleased to announced that It gained its certificate for the unit air coolers as well as ,oils. Friterm became one of the 9 producers in “Certify All” concept in Eurovent. 

Since 1979, Turkish heat exchanger manufacturer FRITERM became the first company in Turkey who achieved all the Eurovent certificates and offers capacity confirmed products to its customers to ensure in the shortest return on their investments. 

  • In 2000, Friterm gains Eurovent certificate for hot&cold water coils in Europe and it is the first company who gains the certificate in Europe
  • In August 2018, Dry Cooler has been certified by Eurovent
  • In February 2020, Air Cooled Condensers has been certified by Eurovent  
  • Lastly but not least, In December 2021 Friterm has completed Eurovent certification program for its Freon based DX unit air coolers and confirmed by ECC (Eurovent Certita certification) and spreaded its Eurovent certified product group. 

Friterm supports performance transparency in its sector for the fair competition. Therefore, Friterm applied Eurovent certification program to ensure its capacity, air flow, engine power, pressure loss and sound level by a third party test organisation.

Friterm is one of the 13 company in Dry cooler and one of the 11 company in Condenser and DX unit air cooler product group who has Eurovent certification in the world. 

“Friterm continues to lead the Turkish market and successfully competes in World branded companies with Eurovent certifications in terms of having the certificates in Dry cooler, Condenser and Dx unit air coolers.” 

Friterm offers HFC fluided Dx unit air coolers in 3 different model series to its customers. As standart type called FES which is according to EN328 and SC2 conditions capacity from 1,25kW – 136kW; Dual discharge FEDD series from 1,25kW – 65kW and Walk in Room FEWR series from 0,6kW – 16,3Kw.

All the selection according to those units can be selected from updated FPS 6 (Friterm Product Selection Software 6) which is developed and improved by Friterm R&D center where all the units’ performance test has been implemented and confirmed in the modern Friterm test lab. Now, Friterm is proud to announce that Friterm’s unit Dx air coolers have been tested and confirmed by ECC agreed test lab and Friterm test lab results also being confirmed under the Eurovent certification program. Now, Friterm will consider more on the environmental issues and implement its CO2 products certifications immediately. Friterm also  discuss with Eurovent for the NH3 products certifications. 

“Ensure your investments by Eurovent certified Friterm Products”

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