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Baymak received LEED Gold Certificate

01 June 2023
Baymak received LEED Gold Certificate

Baymak was awarded the LEED Gold Certificate by the American Green Building Council (USGBC) for buildings that reduce their environmental impact by improving their energy saving, water consumption, material selection and indoor air quality performance, thanks to the applications it has made in the area including its 30 thousand square meter production facility and office floor.

Baymak, one of the pioneers of energy transformation, continues its efforts for a more sustainable world without slowing down. In line with its sustainability goals, Baymak was awarded the LEED Gold Certificate by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) thanks to its new practices that further increase indoor air quality, energy and water savings in the area including the 30 thousand square meter production facility and office floor, following the environmentally friendly practices it launched on the office floor in 2021.

“Before every step we take, we consider our environmental impacts”

Green building certification systems draw a route for less energy and water consumption; Baymak Sustainability Communication Manager Elif Nur Akıncı, who stated that it also guides people to spend time in healthier environments, said, “The American Green Building Council emphasizes that green buildings prevent carbon emissions. Considering the share of buildings in energy and resource use as well as waste and emission generation, these savings reach extremely significant amounts. In line with Baymak's 'Sustainable Future' value, in addition to producing energy-efficient and economical air conditioning solutions, we definitely consider our environmental impacts from A to Z before every step we take."

Akıncı continued his words as follows: “We spend most of our time at work. During this time, we consume energy, heat and water for our various needs. In addition, the air quality we breathe indoors primarily affects our health and work performance. We are happy and proud to be awarded the LEED Gold Certificate with our 30,000 square meter Headquarters building in which our production facility and office are located. Sustainability will continue to be on our agenda with all its dimensions, especially the environment, in the upcoming period. We will continue to find solutions for a better future by expanding the scope of our work day by day.”

Green certified projects and environmentally friendly green building rating systems have been created in order to minimize the damage to human health and the environment caused by buildings. Companies that attach importance to sustainability and their contractors prefer to work in buildings with high energy efficiency, water saving, healthy and high performance compared to traditional buildings, in line with the standards determined within the framework of this system based on voluntary and consensus.

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