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ATC Air Trade Centre is Continuing Its Expansion by Re-Entering The Belgium Market

20 April 2021
ATC Air Trade Centre is Continuing Its Expansion by Re-Entering The Belgium Market

Leading the market by providing durable HVAC solutions, developing and manufacturing energy-efficient and high-quality air handling units as well as other related products, ATC Air Trade Centre re-enters the Belgian market.

“ATC Air Trade Centre, a renowned name in the global HVAC sector for 25 years, is very happy and proud to announce opening its office in Belgium. We glad to help you design your air-handling units in our selection program and accordance with the latest ERP standards and certified by Eurovent. For underground parking systems, our abilities are to be an A_Z solution provider. Support in the design of the system, in-house production of all components, like certified fans, control panels, other accessories, a CFD report and ultimately a cold test and commissioning of the system is within our scope. As of today, to maximize the quality of indoor air, the quality safety of indoor life and health, our team is once again ready to provide the Belgian market with our high-quality products and services” says ATC Air Trade Centre.

“As a manufacturer who focuses on customer satisfaction, environmental issues and the health of indoor spaces, ATC is using ‘HEALTH that creates TRUE HAPPINESS AND SUSTAINABILITY’ as the main guiding concept in the development of its units,” says Gebro Kılıç, Group Managing Director of ATC Air Trade Centre Group. The main features of the units and solutions, produced at ATC’s facility, include the following: low leakage, heat recovery, energy-efficient motors, intelligent control technology and many others. Easy installation and maintenance, seamless integration with modern building management systems, focus on excellent, the capability of the most demanding delivery times provides ATC’s customers with many advantages.

Steven Gobert, shareholder of ATC Air Trade Centre BV and owner of Goveco, a worldwide distributer of some top-end HVAC brands with headquarters in Belgium says: “Goveco already distributes successfully ATC's products worldwide. I’m very pleased to introduce and serve our home country with the compete and value adding range of ATC products.” 

“We are delighteatc-belgiumd to distribute the high-quality air handling products of ATC Air Trade Centre in Belgium. The Belgian focus will be indoor air quality and the environment. We are ready for a stable and long-term relationship with our customers!” says Carl Reynaert, Managing Director of ATC Air Trade Centre BV, who will open the Belgian ATC office at Wetteren near Ghent.He and his team will distribute the ATC products in Belgium across language borders. 

“Fortified with valuable knowledge, adopting perfectness as the main pillar, we strive to become an excellent partner for climate products and solutions by a combination of our eagerness to challenging our limits and over 25 years of engineering knowledge in sales and manufacturing.We bring the nature indoors! We produce clean air for a sustainable future” says ATC Air Trade Centre.

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