16 October 2019 Wednesday

ASHRAE Establishes Turkish Chapter

The ASHRAE 2014 Winter Conference approved the establishing of an ASHRAE chapter in Turkey, the  “ASHRAE Turkish Chapter”. To mark the establishment of this chapter by the ASHRAE Members Council,   ASHRAE Chairman Prof. Dr. Bill Bahnfleth and ASHRAE Regional Director Ashok Virmani  visited Turkey on 27 March 2014 as ISIB guests. At a meeting held during this visit to discuss the forming of the ASHRAE Turkish Chapter, chapter chairman Prof. Dr. Barış Özerdem provided information about the organization’s structure. 
Prof. Özerdem spoke of ASHRAE and the Turkish Chapter: “Efforts to organize and establish a group in Turkey were approved by the ASHRAE Members Council at the 2013 Winter Conference with the right given to form a Turkish Section. This approval was further extended during the 2014 Winter Conference with approval given for the establishment of a Turkish Chapter. On 27 March 2014 ASHRAE Chairman Prof. Dr. William Bahnfleth and RAL Chairman Ashok Virman, through the sponsorship of ISIB, joined the Turkish members at the formal  certification of the Turkish Chapter.