ARTIST Fully Laminated Flexible Air Ducts obtain a new International Patent in the USA

28 January 2021 Issue: Year 2021

The ARTIST series’ flexible air ducts, which are healthy and proven to be fire-proof with the M1 certificate, have reduced installation costs in addition to the ease of installation of Flexiva, and have continued to obtain new international patents. ARTIST’s patent was approved in the USA following approvals in Japan, China and Eurasia. With rubber, polyethylene and fiber insulation material options, ARTIST also has hygienic flexible air duct alternatives in the relevant material groups. Since the inner pipe, insulation material and outer coat are made fully laminated, dusting does not occur and full protection is provided against the risk of condensation, with no thermal bridge formation. Since it comes out of the production line as a single piece, it prevents assembly errors, avoids damage due to packaging, and eliminates product loss. The maximum 5,000 Pascal strength of ARTIST series products has been tested and proven. Tests are carried out at 12,500 Pascals, under 2.5 times more pressure. In addition to its non-flammable features, it does not cause toxic gas release in the event of a fire and the one-piece structure of the product is an indicator that ARTIST takes greater care of human health than other products in the market.


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