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Aldag Signature in Turkmenistan's "First Smart City"

30 November 2022 Issue: Year 2023
Aldag Signature in Turkmenistan's

Ahal's new center will be Turkmenistan's first "smart" city. The new administrative center of Ahal province is being built in a picturesque location on the outskirts of Köpetdağ, and extensive use of "green" technologies is required to preserve this natural beauty. Intelligent systems are used to provide all opportunities for a comfortable life, efficient work, good rest, sports and creativity intended. Primary and secondary vocational schools, art schools, health center, secondary school for 720 people, International Horse Breeding School, kindergarten for 320 people, stadium for 10 thousand people, park, entertainment and shopping areas, hotel, bank, multidisciplinary sports complex and hospital with 360 beds. The new settlement center, which consists of a 150-bed oncology medical center, a 150-bed maternal and child health medical center, and 7-storey residential buildings, is equipped with modern technologies and a digital system.

President of Turkmenistan, at the beginning of the project; He underlined that attention should be paid to consider environmentally friendly practices such as the implementation of the “smart” city concept, the creation of an environmentally friendly transportation movement, and the use of solar panels.

Aldağ A.Ş. took its place in Turkmenistan's first "smart city". In this new environment-friendly living center, Aldağ A.Ş. Fancoil units with a cooling capacity of 2.28 – 4.10 kW produced in Manisa Akhisar Facility will be used. These units are produced with digital control technologies in line with the project demands and expectations. In addition, 3 millimeters thick thermal insulation that prevents sweating to ensure longevity, a construction made of 0.8-1 millimeter galvanized sheet, painted with electrostatic powder paint and baked are among the design features. In units with a modern, aesthetic and elegant appearance as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance; There are movable side covers to easily reach the ABS plastic shutters and control panel, and a specially designed slide and easily removable filter. These filters are; It is G2 class, washable and made of polypropylene material.

Aldağ A.Ş. will continue to be the solution partner of the "smart air conditioning systems" of the future.

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