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Aironn Increases Efficiency Further With New Blade Geometry in Metro Fans

04 December 2022
Aironn Increases Efficiency Further With New Blade Geometry in Metro Fans

Proving its expertise in Fan Engineering in numerous mega projects, Aironn A.S. The R&D Group carries the efficiency to higher levels with the new metro fan blade geometry it has developed by incorporating the unique requirements of the application areas into the design process.
Aironn R&D Group Manager Efe Unal says: “A fan is a product that converts rotational motion into thrust by creating a pressure difference in the air around it. The main starting point for designing an aerodynamic fan blade is efficiency.
Blade design efficiency is evaluated by the useful power output it produces. For example, the useful power output for a fan is how fast the fan can accelerate the surrounding airflow. Because of their dynamic nature, the efficiency of fans is measured by the thrust developed in the blades and how this powers the respective system.
According to the application area, specific parameters should be observed in fan efficiency. Wing geometry is one of them. Therefore, fan blade designs that will maximize efficiency are at the forefront of the main R&D issues of fan manufacturers. While doing this, the samples developed by changing the design variables in traditional design algorithms are scrutinized with CFD analyzes and the “best” wing structure is reached. This process is long and requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.
Aironn Ventilation Inc. The R&D Group has a strong structure that includes internationally leading software as well as designers who are experts in fluid mechanics and dynamics.
Our new R&D work, in which we have focused on increasing efficiency in metro and tunnel ventilation, an area we have recently focused on, bore fruit. We will take part in more metro projects with our new wing geometry.”

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