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Aironn Fan Engineering and WAT Motor Collaboration Creates Competitive Advantage

03 April 2023
Aironn Fan Engineering and WAT Motor Collaboration Creates Competitive Advantage

Aironn Fan Engineering. has initiated a collaboration with WAT Motor, Turkey's oldest and most innovative motor manufacturer, for its F300 and F400 motors used in fan groups. Within this framework, F300 and F400 motors developed and certified by WAT R&D Group will be used in Aironn Fan Groups.

Founded in 1965 by GE and Koç Group (the largest family conglomerate in Turkey) as Turkish General Electric Industry Inc. and continuing its activities under the name of WAT Motor Industry and Trade Inc. as of 2018, the company's motors with high fire resistance and energy efficiency will increase Aironn's market opportunities. WAT's three-phase aluminum and peak-bodied motors with high heat resistance, reliability, and EN 12101-3 certification perfectly match Aironn's F300 and F400 certified fans.

A statement from Aironn Inc. officials said, "High fire resistance in our fan groups used for smoke extraction is of vital importance. Therefore, all components of our fans must carry this sensitivity from A to Z. WAT, with its 58 years of experience and strong R&D Base, has developed a strong product range that meets our needs while preserving this sensitivity. In this process, a collaboration was created between the WAT and Aironn R&D groups. This collaboration was a developer and visionary expanding experience for both sides. Ultimately, we achieved a gain that increased our production and delivery speed, and thus our competitive power."

WAT Inc. officials also said, "We are striving to meet our business partners' needs at the highest level by adopting energy efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction as our principles. This effort is sustainably increasing every day to raise our success bar. As part of the Koç Group and culture, we are delighted to have developed products that will empower Aironn Ventilation Inc.'s fan groups, which are taking solid steps towards becoming a global brand. Such collaborations are significant opportunities to increase our R&D power and bring new technologies to our country. Aironn's knowledge-sharing positive approach played an important role in this process. We believe this collaboration will be an important step for both institutions."

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